Friday, February 24, 2012

Lonely slippers

One of Patrik's obsessions (if I can describe it like that) is - everything must be cleaned up, tidied, closed... etc... This is something that in one hand I love him for it but sometimes gets on my nerves.

He seems allergic if any doors or drawer that should have been closed are open. If only he sees them open, he goes and closes them in a split of second.

How many times happened to me or to his daddy that we found already opened kitchen kabinet or drawer closed. We opened them to put something in and as we turned around to take that thing and turned back the kabinets doors or drawers were long closed... :o) 

One more thing he always do. There is no way that he would left his shoes or slippers thrown arround the entryway. Every time we come home, first thing he will do, will undresses himself from jacket and hands it over to me or to my husband. The next thing he puts of his shoes and put them in the shoes cupboard. After that he puts on his slippers, takes his teddy and runs to the family room.

Somehow he learned this 'procedure' by watching us. Here and there maybe we told him what to do although I don't quite remember (perhaps it wasn't me) and it stayed with him, so that we don't need to repeat ourselves like parrots - as we have to when Loris is in question. 

And there is also something else. This made me today a little sad.

When I came home today from my work (uf... TGIF) this was the first thing I saw when I entered the house. His lonely slippers. Although we agreed that today Patrik spend the night at his Grandma, his folded slippers let me know, he is not home. 

- Don't misunderstand me - I'm no control freak or over possessive mum - no way. -  

I know that he is enjoying his time with his Grandma who he didn't see for three months...


...well in short... I miss him... as I missed Loris past couple of days when she was away - having her winter holidays with her Grandma...

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  1. Lovely post, Petra. My Paul has a thing about everything having to be lined up. He'd love how Patrick has placed his slippers :)