Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I just don't understand...

I'm so angry I don't even know how to begin to write this!!! At the moment I'm... I'm just plane angry!

Probably you wonder what made me so mad.
Yesterday I came home from work and as I ate something quickly I checked my e-mail on Janez's laptop to see what kind of e-mails I got during the drive home. I knew I got something as my mobile rung every 10 minutes.

So, checking my e-mails I saw I had received some e-mails from Autism Speaks Official Blog. So I opened the first, and then the second... and I stopped. I just couldn't believe my eyes and what I find it written there...

Here is the article:

You are probably asking yourself what upset me so much? Yes, I'm happy that something is moving here in our country. But what I was shocked about - that Conference was held here in Ljubljana. Last week! Last Thursday! In Ljubljana!!!!

I really try to follow everything that is going on - at least 'in the neighbourhood' about Autism, yet till today I spoted nothing about the Conference.
To check if I missed something I contacted the families I know and am in contact with. 

Well, this morning I got few feed-backs... I was informed. Unfortunatly on my e-mail I don't check so much (as is the old one because my laptop 'broke down' last year) - so I have to be angry only on myself... At least now I have the chance to calm down. Yesterday Janez just couldn't do that...
One of my 'far, far away' friends (I hope I can call you that - you know who you are) asked me if we don't have some "an autism society that is the head office for all the societies". 

My answer here is: 

"Yeah, I wish!!!" 

We have two (ups today I learned we have three) different "societies" (sometimes I even don't know how to named them). And we also have the Clinic for Autism in our University Medical Centre (Pediatric hospital or Neurology hospital) - I'm not quite sure where do they fall within.
I was checking the sites... Googled it... if the wide public was informed about it... Nothing.

All I found was two different pages where information about this conference was mentioned - on a page of that 'Institute', about which I learned yesterday (ha-ha) and on a site of "University Children's Hospital, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia". I also checked the site of Ministry of Health who was one of the organizators of this "seminar/conference". Nothing.

I Googled 'Autism' to find something in the internet media about it - nothing before last Thursday (although I found one article about our MD), nothing about Conference aftewards...

I just don't understand...

Is this what we called raising Autism Awareness? In public?      

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  1. That's awful! I'm not at all surprised that you're hopping mad! Raising awareness - Pah!!