Friday, February 10, 2012

"I can be...

... as much naughty as my sister..."

I believe that when Patrik will start to speak, this will be something he will tell us face to face - among the other comments and complaints he will have regarding raising him... :o) I somehow imagine me and Janez to sit in our family room on our couch in silence as we will think of all what he will say to us... - Yes I know... I'm a dreamer and a person with a BIG imagination...

But this is what it happened (is happening for quite some time) on Wednesday. 

First explanation: Patrik always was/is  a climber. He managed to learn how to climb the way he stays safe. In all this years I can think of only - ok, let say - three to maximum five times that he actually fell off something - luckyly without any consequences to remember... There were some small bruises but nothing else.

Second explanation: The bookcase is fixed on the both walls with screws FI 8mm, L=100mm (well you can see I can not crawl from my job/professional deflection). This was something I demanded from my husband to do when we put the bookcase in our family room. My wories now are pointed on the shelves. If they will be able to hold his weight? I have to check with my colleagues.

Here in this firs video clip he saw me making the video and he decided not to continue his climbing.

At the beginning of second video - he remembered that I put camera on a piano so he played on the sofa and waited for me to show up. As soon as he realised I was not near (I was hiding in the kitchen - I can be spy when I have to be...) - you can see that he even checked from the sofa if I was near - the same old story continues...

Boundaries... we are setting them every day... But sometimes he just tries to push them furthure away from where we set them... And the days challenges continues... That's life.

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