Thursday, February 09, 2012

Feels like a manic Monday...

Manic Monday

Do you remember this one? I swear, I hear this song almost every Monday on the radio when I drive to work. Today is not Monday, but it feels like. I was at home for 5 days; two of them were Saturday & Sunday, on Monday and Tuesday I had doctors' appointments with Patrik and yesterday - Wednesday - was one of our Bank Holiday - our Cultural Holiday. On 8th of February 1849 died our greatest poet - France Prešeren. 


Part of his song Zdravljica ("A Toast") is our national anthem.

Hmmm... Funny... We actually celebrate his death...

The day before yesterday was 200th Anniversary of birth of Charles Dickens. 

What a difference?... Birth vs. death...
So, today is the first day of my working week. I shouldn't feel so ..., should I? Actually I will work only for two days... Hmm... :o)

Weekend will be here soon... :o)