Monday, February 13, 2012

200.000 miles...

or nine years with my husband's mistress... :o)

That is how long 'she' is with us. Why am I not upset? Well, 99% 'she' is my companion.

Confused? No wonder! :o)

Actually I could call 'her' my best friend (I appologise to my real best friends)...

More confused? I know. I'm sorry.

O.K. I'm writing about... my car. Yes, you're read right. My car (Renault Clio) is my husband's first mistress. Why? If I don't find my husband in the house when I look for him, the next place to look for is our garage. 99% I find him there. He cleans it, taking care of it, etc... all the things men usually do with their cars... 
That's why we have this joke - it is his first and for a long time only mistress - untill we bought second one. So, my husband knows that as long it is his only 'mistress' I will not mind.

We bought this car even before we were quite sure our love will last. We were toghether less than a year... O.K. living together for about 4 or 5 months (why so soon - different story). When I think about that, I'm still sure we were crazy. But, we pay for it 50:50... just in case...
Well, less than half a year later, we found out I was pregnant. 

Nine years later 'my' Clio has 200.000 miles (more or less) and still running. I would like to say 'running like a Swiss watch'... and from one side - it's motor is running as a Swiss watch, but at the moment it has other failure...

Age... and mileage...

Last Friday... :o( ... I had to leave it at my mechanics. Failure - dampers (springs) broke down. One of the reason - they were still the original ones that were on the car when we bought it. Second reason - our roads are not smooth like a cream on a wedding cake. Third reason - that damn cold... I just don't think that the material was tested at - 20°C or lower °C. Anyway... yes my work is my curse (I simply know too much about things I as a women am not about to know...). Price? Still unknown, but I presume it will not be cheap. The other reason I left it there - sceduled service of the car. The mileage demands it. Price - it won't be nice either...

They promised to call me today - they didn't. I just hope nothing else is wrong - or I will have real HEADACHE!!! 

Lots of people - including my mechanics (my ex co-workers) are asking me, when I think to replace it for new one, but I just can't let it go. As I said - the motor is still running as a Swiss clock and although nine years still looking good as new. So why to replace it?

In those nine years we've been through a lot. Even three minor accidents - all three in it's rear bumper. When the last accident happened I wanted to put a big label on it - saying: LEAVE MY ASS ALONE! - yet my husband was not for this idea. God knows why... :o)

Honestly - to replace it at this point, in this time - is mission impossible...


  1. Če ga boš pa menjala pa sestro Simono pokliči.

    1. Jap, to že vem... Vendar mislim, da bo še kar kakšni dve leti z nami... še posebej, če ga spravim čez tehničnega...

  2. Sometimes a change is a good thing!
    I say that because I have got a new car!!!!! ;)

    1. Good for you, Di. I'm happy for you. :o)