Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I just don't understand...

I'm so angry I don't even know how to begin to write this!!! At the moment I'm... I'm just plane angry!

Probably you wonder what made me so mad.
Yesterday I came home from work and as I ate something quickly I checked my e-mail on Janez's laptop to see what kind of e-mails I got during the drive home. I knew I got something as my mobile rung every 10 minutes.

So, checking my e-mails I saw I had received some e-mails from Autism Speaks Official Blog. So I opened the first, and then the second... and I stopped. I just couldn't believe my eyes and what I find it written there...

Here is the article:

You are probably asking yourself what upset me so much? Yes, I'm happy that something is moving here in our country. But what I was shocked about - that Conference was held here in Ljubljana. Last week! Last Thursday! In Ljubljana!!!!

I really try to follow everything that is going on - at least 'in the neighbourhood' about Autism, yet till today I spoted nothing about the Conference.
To check if I missed something I contacted the families I know and am in contact with. 

Well, this morning I got few feed-backs... I was informed. Unfortunatly on my e-mail I don't check so much (as is the old one because my laptop 'broke down' last year) - so I have to be angry only on myself... At least now I have the chance to calm down. Yesterday Janez just couldn't do that...
One of my 'far, far away' friends (I hope I can call you that - you know who you are) asked me if we don't have some "an autism society that is the head office for all the societies". 

My answer here is: 

"Yeah, I wish!!!" 

We have two (ups today I learned we have three) different "societies" (sometimes I even don't know how to named them). And we also have the Clinic for Autism in our University Medical Centre (Pediatric hospital or Neurology hospital) - I'm not quite sure where do they fall within.
I was checking the sites... Googled it... if the wide public was informed about it... Nothing.

All I found was two different pages where information about this conference was mentioned - on a page of that 'Institute', about which I learned yesterday (ha-ha) and on a site of "University Children's Hospital, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia". I also checked the site of Ministry of Health who was one of the organizators of this "seminar/conference". Nothing.

I Googled 'Autism' to find something in the internet media about it - nothing before last Thursday (although I found one article about our MD), nothing about Conference aftewards...

I just don't understand...

Is this what we called raising Autism Awareness? In public?      

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lonely slippers

One of Patrik's obsessions (if I can describe it like that) is - everything must be cleaned up, tidied, closed... etc... This is something that in one hand I love him for it but sometimes gets on my nerves.

He seems allergic if any doors or drawer that should have been closed are open. If only he sees them open, he goes and closes them in a split of second.

How many times happened to me or to his daddy that we found already opened kitchen kabinet or drawer closed. We opened them to put something in and as we turned around to take that thing and turned back the kabinets doors or drawers were long closed... :o) 

One more thing he always do. There is no way that he would left his shoes or slippers thrown arround the entryway. Every time we come home, first thing he will do, will undresses himself from jacket and hands it over to me or to my husband. The next thing he puts of his shoes and put them in the shoes cupboard. After that he puts on his slippers, takes his teddy and runs to the family room.

Somehow he learned this 'procedure' by watching us. Here and there maybe we told him what to do although I don't quite remember (perhaps it wasn't me) and it stayed with him, so that we don't need to repeat ourselves like parrots - as we have to when Loris is in question. 

And there is also something else. This made me today a little sad.

When I came home today from my work (uf... TGIF) this was the first thing I saw when I entered the house. His lonely slippers. Although we agreed that today Patrik spend the night at his Grandma, his folded slippers let me know, he is not home. 

- Don't misunderstand me - I'm no control freak or over possessive mum - no way. -  

I know that he is enjoying his time with his Grandma who he didn't see for three months...


...well in short... I miss him... as I missed Loris past couple of days when she was away - having her winter holidays with her Grandma...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shrove Tuesday (Pustni torek)

Today is the Shrove Tuesday. This are the days that we are chasing the Winter away. Kids and all other young by heart put masks on their faces and go on a parade. Well, on Sunday we already had Shrove Sunday and this year Loris surprised us with her choice of what mask she wants to be.

At first, her choice was - a princess. No surprise. She started talking about Shrove Tuesday last November. After that, she forgot about it... till New Year was over. Then again. Another conversation - another choice.

Cowgirl. This costume she already wore last year and I said OK. You have to ask your aunt Simona (my sister) if she still has the costume. Did she ask her? I don't know. 

She came home weekend before this one, with completely different costume. One I was not quite prepared for. Not that I wasn't aprove it. But as my girl is so much in Barbie dolls, Hello Kitty, Jessy from Toy Story... the costume she brought back from my sister's place, was something completly different. 

Vampire queen

And at the end - she looked the right one in it... didn't she?

Now... a bonus question. Did this person put her costume on or off? :o) 


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter holidays

On Friday Loris had the last day of school before her Winter holidays. In my days - back then, once uppon a time - :o) - our school year was devided only on two half terms. Now it seems they have holidays almost every two months... :o) 

But nevertheless... Remember the packing? How we still pack our bags whenever we travel? Especially when we travel with plane? Only one suitcase and no more? We will not pay for extra? Sitting on the suitcase till it's not closed. Almost jumping on it?

This is almost how Loris packed her bags today. Like she is going away for good - at least on the other side of the planet, with no chance to return. Yet, she went to stay with her Grandma (my mother in law) which came back from her visit in Canada. 

My mother in law lives in the same city as we do. Only thing is, she lives in a centre of the town, yet we live in suburban of the city. As we got several 'homeworks' for this week holidays in her school and in as she has to practice the piano, we agreed that I pick her up at 4 p.m. when I return from my job and at 5 p.m. she is going back to her Grandma.

So, there was no point of such packing of the stuff. If she forgot something she will be able to take that next day..., yet she packed it. 

Anyway, for the future she will still need some practice how to pack - to avoid paying extra... :o)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swimming lessons

Last five days Patrik's group in preschool had swimming lessons. Every day for arround 2 hours in the swimming pool. I knew that Patrik will enjoy. I was not sure how much of lesson he will learn. 

As we were told yesterday, when we were invited for the final lesson to introduce the course to the parents; they wanted to teach children two main things:

1.) to reduce the fear of water - goal, to put the head below the surface
2.) to learn how to float/slide on the water.

One of my fear before the swimming course started was, that he will poo in the pool. In the past, whenever he came into the water, he did that. Mostly in the bath tub. We know it was mainly our fault, but...

... he surprised us. He didn't do that at all. Every day we read words of encouragement in our diary. I hardly waited for the Friday. I took a day off, to do some video clips and photos.

Anyway, at the end he got his diploma, where clearly stands that he successfully mastered one thing - to dive his head beneath the water surface. We were happy that he mastered that in a week. We know that to master swimming all together, we need more time. One week is just not enough.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lost Tooth & The Tooth Fairy

Patrik lost his first tooth yesterday. For the last 14 days we saw that one of his lower front teeth crates... As Patrik doesn't like to open his mouth when asked to, we thought a lot how to check if this is not just our imagination.

Then we had a common enlightening... :o) We wash his teeth every morning and every evening. That was perfect timing to see if the tooth crates or not. Because that is the only time Patrik opens his mouths when told to. Our thinking was not imagination. It was for real. His tooth wanted to go out.

He is 6 years old and untill now we had no problems with his teeth and that is why our visits with the detinst are not so frequent as we wish to. We know dentist is  just one of the obstacles we have to face and conquer. 

We were at his dentist several time - mostly when Loris had her half year checking and although he went into dentist's office and we had no problems with 'just beeing there' - he never wanted to sit on the chair... To open his mouth? NO WAY. There was no crying, no meltdown, no struggles... The big reason was we never let it that far. 

On Friday afternoon, when we came home and playing in the family room I asked him to open his mouth as I saw him that he is playing with the tooth. Patrik looked at me strait into my eyes and opened his mouth. His tooth was like a 'leaning tower of Pisa' - for real... It was leaning but still firmly attached on one side into his gum. He let me touched it and even tried to pull it, but I had no luck.

We both (Janez and I) tried that several times during the weekend. Each time Patrik opened his mouth and let us try. When we didn't succeed, he played with it with his tongue. We saw that he was having fun. 
Yesterday morning - I was alread at work - Janez wrote me through the skype that we have 'škrba-brba' at home. This is one of our saying, with wich we began when Loris lost her first tooth. We didn't want her to feel embarest, because he lost her tooth, so we invented this words. I can not translate it for you - but it means our child who losts one or two or...etc... teeth.

I asked him if Patrik finally let him got it out, but the anwer was:"No. When he woke up, he took it out of his mouth and brought it to me in his hand." I was amazed. We never told him specificaly that we wanted the tooth, yet in all that week end struggle to get the tooth, he realised that if he would brigh us the tooth we would be happy. And... he was right.

Yesterday evening, when he showed us that it's time to go to sleep I asked him where is the tooth. He waited me on the stairs that I took the tooth with us and when I put him into his bed - covered with two heavy duvets - I showed him where I put the tooth and told him very shortly about the Tooth Fairy. He was smiling when he watched me taking care of his tooth. I didn't put it under his pillow, instead I put it into a nice dark blue open box so that the tooth was clearly seen and told him what will happen when he will fell asleep. 

That was actually his first meeting with the imaginary charater. I wonder what reaction is/was/will be when he wakes up this morning.

Yes I'm already on the way to my work... and they are still sleeping...

Monday, February 13, 2012

200.000 miles...

or nine years with my husband's mistress... :o)

That is how long 'she' is with us. Why am I not upset? Well, 99% 'she' is my companion.

Confused? No wonder! :o)

Actually I could call 'her' my best friend (I appologise to my real best friends)...

More confused? I know. I'm sorry.

O.K. I'm writing about... my car. Yes, you're read right. My car (Renault Clio) is my husband's first mistress. Why? If I don't find my husband in the house when I look for him, the next place to look for is our garage. 99% I find him there. He cleans it, taking care of it, etc... all the things men usually do with their cars... 
That's why we have this joke - it is his first and for a long time only mistress - untill we bought second one. So, my husband knows that as long it is his only 'mistress' I will not mind.

We bought this car even before we were quite sure our love will last. We were toghether less than a year... O.K. living together for about 4 or 5 months (why so soon - different story). When I think about that, I'm still sure we were crazy. But, we pay for it 50:50... just in case...
Well, less than half a year later, we found out I was pregnant. 

Nine years later 'my' Clio has 200.000 miles (more or less) and still running. I would like to say 'running like a Swiss watch'... and from one side - it's motor is running as a Swiss watch, but at the moment it has other failure...

Age... and mileage...

Last Friday... :o( ... I had to leave it at my mechanics. Failure - dampers (springs) broke down. One of the reason - they were still the original ones that were on the car when we bought it. Second reason - our roads are not smooth like a cream on a wedding cake. Third reason - that damn cold... I just don't think that the material was tested at - 20°C or lower °C. Anyway... yes my work is my curse (I simply know too much about things I as a women am not about to know...). Price? Still unknown, but I presume it will not be cheap. The other reason I left it there - sceduled service of the car. The mileage demands it. Price - it won't be nice either...

They promised to call me today - they didn't. I just hope nothing else is wrong - or I will have real HEADACHE!!! 

Lots of people - including my mechanics (my ex co-workers) are asking me, when I think to replace it for new one, but I just can't let it go. As I said - the motor is still running as a Swiss clock and although nine years still looking good as new. So why to replace it?

In those nine years we've been through a lot. Even three minor accidents - all three in it's rear bumper. When the last accident happened I wanted to put a big label on it - saying: LEAVE MY ASS ALONE! - yet my husband was not for this idea. God knows why... :o)

Honestly - to replace it at this point, in this time - is mission impossible...

Friday, February 10, 2012

"I can be...

... as much naughty as my sister..."

I believe that when Patrik will start to speak, this will be something he will tell us face to face - among the other comments and complaints he will have regarding raising him... :o) I somehow imagine me and Janez to sit in our family room on our couch in silence as we will think of all what he will say to us... - Yes I know... I'm a dreamer and a person with a BIG imagination...

But this is what it happened (is happening for quite some time) on Wednesday. 

First explanation: Patrik always was/is  a climber. He managed to learn how to climb the way he stays safe. In all this years I can think of only - ok, let say - three to maximum five times that he actually fell off something - luckyly without any consequences to remember... There were some small bruises but nothing else.

Second explanation: The bookcase is fixed on the both walls with screws FI 8mm, L=100mm (well you can see I can not crawl from my job/professional deflection). This was something I demanded from my husband to do when we put the bookcase in our family room. My wories now are pointed on the shelves. If they will be able to hold his weight? I have to check with my colleagues.

Here in this firs video clip he saw me making the video and he decided not to continue his climbing.

At the beginning of second video - he remembered that I put camera on a piano so he played on the sofa and waited for me to show up. As soon as he realised I was not near (I was hiding in the kitchen - I can be spy when I have to be...) - you can see that he even checked from the sofa if I was near - the same old story continues...

Boundaries... we are setting them every day... But sometimes he just tries to push them furthure away from where we set them... And the days challenges continues... That's life.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Feels like a manic Monday...

Manic Monday

Do you remember this one? I swear, I hear this song almost every Monday on the radio when I drive to work. Today is not Monday, but it feels like. I was at home for 5 days; two of them were Saturday & Sunday, on Monday and Tuesday I had doctors' appointments with Patrik and yesterday - Wednesday - was one of our Bank Holiday - our Cultural Holiday. On 8th of February 1849 died our greatest poet - France Prešeren. 


Part of his song Zdravljica ("A Toast") is our national anthem.

Hmmm... Funny... We actually celebrate his death...

The day before yesterday was 200th Anniversary of birth of Charles Dickens. 

What a difference?... Birth vs. death...
So, today is the first day of my working week. I shouldn't feel so ..., should I? Actually I will work only for two days... Hmm... :o)

Weekend will be here soon... :o)

Monday, February 06, 2012

Waving good-bye

Waving good-bye is something Patrik never did 'well'. At the beginnig we couldn't persuade him to do anything. We had hard time to explane others why he doesn't want to do this. 

"This is just something he doesn't do." 
was a sentence we repeated a lot. 

Some time later he began to 'wave' his way. He didn't lifted his hand, he didn't 'wave', instead of that, he just opened and closed his fist for two or three times. So many times this went by unnoticed. 

And again:
"This is how Patrik waves 'good-bye.' 
was repeated again. Different sentence but nevertheless, same old story.

Yesterday something amazing happened. We were all in the family room when I saw that Patrik is starting to leave it. On my question, where he was going, he turned arround with a smile on his face and in his eyes. I knew where he was hedding to. So I waved and said:

Still looking strait in to my eyes, he lifted his arm and waved back. I almost freeze (not just because of the cold outside...). Of course the camera was not on - again. Grrrr...

So I let him leave the room. Not long after that he returned. I already had camera in my hands - just in case... And I tried again... Hoping this was not just one time thing...

The result is here...


Still below Zero

Remember this?

Yes, that was last winter. Somehow I miss this now. Because it's so cold. They say it will not get any better this week. I'm so sorry for the rest of the Europe that got even worse wether than we did.
To demostrate how cold is here... Look at this.

 On this one above, you can actually see how running river starts to freeze...
Thise  photos were taken on Friday. Our river Savinja, that runs through the city began to freeze. This doesn't happen often. I don't even remember the last time it did.

I hope this will go away soon. Yes we are in February, but we are only half way through the Winter...

Friday, February 03, 2012

The purpose of the tasks

Yesterday we did new RDI objective. As the first part of it went right last week, we had to do the second part to complete it. 

And what did we learned?

Well, much...  It's clearly seen on this clip above... 

At first he refused the cup we put infront of him. Then he wanted to see if I had something in my cup in which I stired the spoon. When he realised that I was stiring 'air', he saw no meaning in that kind of activity.
Patrik didn't want to do it, because I gave him empty cup and spoon and tried to get him to stear the spoon in it. Actually why should he? What is the purpose to stear the spoon in empty cup? There is no meaning to do this. Who does that? Noone 'sane' or someone very bored and waiting. What was I thinking? Luckily I found something to put into the cup and afterwards he did what we hoped he will do. 

Now I know something new... We will have 'hard' time to find the meaning of every task he will be given. Otherwise he might just not does it, although that will not mean that he can not does it. 
I see even more planning for every activity we will get. Lucky me...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Cold, colder, freezing cold...

Winter is comming... is not appropriate quote at the moment as the winter is already here. We still don't have snow, although it snowed on sunday afternoon and half of the night, but we got (thank you) only 3 centimeters (arround 1 inch) of it.

The wind blowed from the north half of last week and it still blows from there. Every day is stronger and with the power, it gets colder and colder. The temperature doesn't rise above 0°C. It stays below it also during the day. Although it's arround -5°C, because of the wind it feels like -15°C and I'm not joking. And I'm serious when I tell you that yesterday morning the river Savinja, that runs through the city we life in started to freeze. This is realy rarely to see.

The weather forecast for the next 10 days is not any better. Yes, it will be mostly sunny (exception of Friday, Saturday and Sunday - they say it might start to snow) but the temperatures will be even lower than today or yesterday. 

Well, everything is not so 'black' (although it will be snowing)... after all we are quite lucky... Seeing in the news how they struggle because of the snow and the cold in the East part of Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia...) I should stop complaining... 

But our problem is... how to get Patrik to let his cap on his head. Yes, our thinking (mine and from Janez - we have a good reason for that) is that when the temperatures are not lower than -5°C he and Loris don't need to wear a cap, after the temperature falls below that they have to have a cap on the head. 

With Loris there is no problem. She wears it even if the temperature is not that low - she is quite oposite than I was... I hated caps... And this way is also Patrik. As we didn't insist on having a cap on his head, he doesn't want to have it. He is satisfied with his hood of his jacket...

And I know, we will get - again - a looooooong looks from the people we will meet...