Monday, January 16, 2012


I was not good last two weeks. I confess... I completely neglected my blog. I'm sorry. Many things runned through my mind - which is from the last Friday a little bit peaceful.
But, we haven't forgotten about RDI and our objectives. As most of them are more in 'life style' as guieded, they are hard to catch on the video.
The last two weeks we tried to catch one 'simple' knowledge/task of Patrik's understanding. We were not successful. Why? Well, read my answer to our consultant:
this is hopeless. We can not catch this on video. For the last fourteen days we did (except to search all the neccessary informations for the complaint) nothing else than trying to catch it on the camera. 

It was actually like this. Camera stands in the corner of the family room - as always - we are watching TV and Patrik jumps up and down as usually. So, this is real life situation - with no prepared thinking - me or Janez, it just doesn't matter who - said to him to move as we don't see - or if he was too loud - we said to him to be quiet as we don't hear (news). This are the same words we use for Loris too.

And Patrik did move or stayed silent for a while. After that happened we realised we had chance to catch it on camera. So we turned it on - BUT - as soon as Patrik saw us doing it, he stayed behind the sofa or in the corner of the room. He stayed out of our view. And this didn't happened once or twice this two weeks. Every time! Yes it is true, camera is not  on all the time, it has no such space on its hard disk, so when we think  - this time we will do it - we can't, as Patrik doesn't want to 'play' his role anymore. 

Now, the question is - will we still focus on this to catch it on camera - we really don't know when this will happen or should we move to another objective and hope that in the mean time we will have success of fullfilling this 'quest' too.
Any idea?
What we will do next, we will learn tommorow...

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  1. Oh. My. Word. Petra..... this is a bit like my last post to our consultant!!! We are also stuck on videoing our latest objective! Slowly but surely it will come together ~ we must keep telling ourselves that!!