Friday, January 27, 2012

Proofs of understanding


Sometimes I wish that we would live in 'Big Brother House'. You probably think if I'm crazy and I might be.

Last few months me and Janez many times heard from the specialists that Patrik don't or can not show that he really understands us. We told them that this is not true but as they saw him for few minutes of his life, their saying 'stands'. What a 'bullshit' (sorry for my writings).

Yesterday he showed us again how good his understanding is.

After late lunch we (Patrik and I) stayed in the kitchen. Don't worry I was not so good wife to clean it all up right away... I was with Patrik as he didn't want to leave the kitchen, so we played there; hide and seek, jumping (I was behind the lap-top too...)... etc...

At one point Patrik stop seeking my attention and went checking our kitchen cabinets... I was watching him and then when he didn't stop I asked him what he was doing. I got just one 'looooong' look and he continued to check the cabinets. Because of that look I knew what we was looking.

"Patrik if you are still hungry, there is still patties on the counter." He didn't say anything, neither looked me again. But...

he closed the cabinet and check the counter. There was bowl with lid there. He was not facing me when I said:

"Pick it up." As soon as he picked the complete bowl I saw MY mistake, so I corrected my saying:

"Pick the lid up. the patties are in there." Still not facing me, he gave the bowl back to the counter and for a moment checked it and then...

... he picked up the lid and found the patties in the bowl. He reached inside took one out and put the lid back on the bowl...

I confess at that point I so much regretted that we don't have cameras in every room in the house, that I can not even tell you.

It was and is so clearly that he understands us completely, even if we don't show him the things we think about.

Similar episodes happened some time ago in his room. We were finished with the 'work' we had and I was putting away the stuff. When I turned arround I saw him doing what he preferes to do in his room - he was 'dissasembling' the bed. With this I mean that he took down all the bedding and was lifting the mattres up, so that he could 'swing' on the bed slats. Yet that day the mattres didn't want to stand up. I checked why and saw that the pillow was in the middle between the wall and the mattres.

Watching him some minutes and checking how he will resolve the problem he encoutered. He was trying hard to stabilize the mattres but he was not complete successfull. As soon as he tried to 'swing' on the slats, the mattres lost it's balance.

Without calling his name (and Loris was with us) I just say:

"Would you, please, remove the pillow. It's on its way." - With that I meant that the pillow was on mattres's way. He was not facing me as he tried to stabilize the mattres. As soon as he heard me saying this, he went to the end of the bed, took out the pillow and lean the mattres to the wall.

Of course, non of this 'episodes' was caught on the camera.

And for this - I wish to have a 'Big Brother House'. Not to put our life on the real TV, there is no way I would do that, but to have clips like that in our archive to show them to the specialists as it seems our words don't count as proof.


  1. I believe you! :)
    Have you got a tripod for your camera? Then you can just take the camera wherever you are ... and quickly press play if needed. Can you show the specialists your RDI video footage??

  2. Zato bosta pa močna in bosta, pa čeprav bo potrebno povedati 1000 X specialistom ?! dopovedala, da se motijo.
    Bravo, Patrik!