Saturday, January 07, 2012

One day at home

It's so rarely that we are together at home. Today was such a day. And... what did we learn?

As it is Saturday, the complete cleaning of the house was on the scedule. Bedrooms, kitchen, family room, bathrooms, windows, hallways, WC... Well, I guess most of the time it took us (me) the bookcase which we have through the wall in the family room. My big wish is - I just hope one day I will be able to fullfil it - to have one room in the house full of books I love. Not anykind of books, so just that they are there. No, books I would love to read. But... lets move on.

During the cleaning, we did lunch. Patrik and Loris, both, had their snacks from breakfast till lunch... What was so funny about was, they ate full lunch. Patrik had some 'comments' about mash potato, but at the end, he realised that I was serious and he ate that too.

Not even two houres later it began. On almost half an hour. 

- Loris hungry. Patrik hungry. First snack: 4 apples.

- Patrik still hungry: some pretzels

- Loris hungry: chocolate bar

- Patrik & Loris hungry: 2 apples

- me hungry: slice of bread with walnuts

- Loris & Patrik hungry: additional 2 apples (we run out of them)

- Loris & Patrik hungry: she ate frankfurters with toast, Patrik ate only two slices of his bread.

Now it's almost 7 p.m.. I'm waiting when they will come that they need dinner... :o)

Hmmm... Janez ate nothing after lunch?

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  1. Wow, major growth spurts going on in your house!!!! As for bread with walnuts.... Petra, that is very weird!! ;)