Saturday, January 21, 2012

Imaginary play

It is well known fact that children with ASD have almost no imaginary play. Usually they use their toys for what they are and they say (specialists) that for them imaginary play is very hard to achieve.

Well, Patrik was/is like that. When he plays with his toys, he uses them for what they are. You can see the difference if you look Loris how she is playing or how Patrik played/is mostly playing with toys. Loris is almost nothing than imaginary play; her dolls have different roles in her games, different approaches are in use. Patrik uses the toys more functioning. The wheels goes around, the carterpiller plays songs, the doors are for opening/closing... etc...

Today we were surprised by him. We drove to Austria to get the medicine which we can not get here. It's about 45 minutes drive from Celje to the border with Austria or 1,5 hours on the other direction. It depends which road we use - high way or regional. Today we have chosen the 'long' way as we left Loris with my parents. Tomorow she has a museum workshop she attends every month.

So, driving the long way, we saw that Patrik started to 'take' different perspectives of the world outside his window, yet that was not the only thing we saw.

He took his teddy with him when we left the house and when we already started to go back home - somewhere in the middle of the way, Janez saw in the back mirror, that Patrik started to play with the teddy. It was not cold in the car (22°C - as I don't want less), so his winter jacket was on the back sit with him. I didn't dare to move as I thought that he will stop doing what he was doing. Janez told me that he watched the teddy, and afterwards he put it in his lap and covered him with the jacket, only teddy's head was uncovered in his arms...

Well, although it's winter time, we have no snow. But in Austria they have some, at least where we were (we know that other parts have lots of snow). Patrik saw snow outside the car and covered teddy as he was not dressed...

Maybe this is not much of a imaginary play, but it's a start. 


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  1. That is so sweet, it also shows that Patrik is *thinking*!!