Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

I was never good with my new year's resolutions. I never - most of the time - kept them. So, I will not make any of it this year. I will go with the flow.

The year that is comming to an end was... well, let me say simple - I'm glad it is over.

For 2013 I wish you all to get what you didn't in 2012. I know it will be enough.

Laugh, love and don't forget about yourself!

Happy New Year to all!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breakthrough or... just something people don't see in Patrik

This is the back seat of our car. Two child's sits. One for Loris and one for Patrik. You're probably wondering why did I put that photo as a start of my blog post. Perhaps you are wondering why am I telling this.

We have several rules in our house and one of them is - the safety belts must be locked in their places before we move. This rule we have since the "day one" and both, Loris and Patrik never argued about it. Actually, if Loris sometimes needs more time to do it - she will scream 'stop' until she is done.

This morning, we did - as usuall our Saturday shopping. We were a little bit late than other times as J had his Christmas party yesterday and he came home around midnight, so he needed his 'beauty' sleep a little bit longer.
After we finished in the store J took Patrik and the groceries to the car, and I went to look if I will find one extra stuff in some other store. Well, I didn't, so I followed them to the parking. They were already in the car, so I just sat into the car.

J. managed to get the car out of the parking space, when suddenly Patrik started to grab my shoulder from the behind. I took his hand and he almost twisted mine. I asked him what was wrong and turned around to see if he lost his teddy, when I saw - 
Patrik was holding his unfastened seat belt and tried to tell me that he had unlocked himself while they were waiting for me in the parked car and that he wanted to be fasten with it again. 
I was so amazed about all this I neglected the point which J. tried to show me. J. fastened his seat belt but Patrik unfastened it afterwards and that - according to J - was wrong thing to do.
At one point I agreed with J. but I was so amazed - Patrik 'told' me that he needed to be wearing the safety belt. It never happened to me before. I still am.

So, J. found the first empty parking space and I went out to fasten Patrik's seat belt.

J. had his share of arguments, untill - not much later - actually two intersections later - we came across car accident - which must have happened just few minutes before we drove to there.
J. appologized to Patrik. If he wouldn't have done what he did, we might have been in the middle of it. 

Saturday, December 08, 2012


Let me tell you some of Patrik's latest achievements. I haven't done this for some time, have I?

So let me list them:

- Patrik and drinking (non alcoholic of course) :o)
For a long time Patrik drank out of a - first baby bottle - and then from a bottles with sport's plug. We tried everything to teach him how to drink with a straw or from a cup, glass, mug... you name it, we tried it... Not a chance.

Untill this summer when I spoke to one dad and he told me his way how he had taught his daughter. I tried and - wow - although it took me several hours, just to convince him to put the straw into his mouht - it worked.

From that day forward, no more bottles - yes here and there - but not on every day basis.

We were very surprised when his school prepared a chidren & parents picnic and as we were outside - of course - and all the drinks we got were in plastic, wobbling cups and we were not quite sure if he will be able to drink out of it. Surprise, surprise. Patrik took his cup. Took it to the table and drank out of it WITHOUT a straw or spilled it... 
We were speachless...

- Patrik and apples
As Patrik had so rigid diet almost from his birth, when I finally started to listne my own 'head', he didn't want to eat any fruit of vegetable. I remember that one day I had said: "At least he would eat apples, and i will not argue!" Well, he started to eat apples. Not just one per day (takes the doctor away), but to be honest - 1 kilo per day. He is a big apple eater, like me.

But we needed to cut his apples on at least four pieces, otherwise he didn't eat the apple. And we did. For quite some years. We didn't peal it though, but we cut them.

Untill couple of weeks ago, I was told by J. who was told by Patrik's teacher that he ate the whole apple by bitting into it. We couldn't believe it and so we tried it at home. No way. When I gave him an apple, he brought me a knife... 

Then a couple of evenings ago, he brought me an apple again. As the clock was already past 7 p.m. I told him that if he wanted to eat apple, he can eat it withouht cuting it in pieces. What he did? He ate the whole apple without me taking it into pieces. Since that day - we don't need to cut his apples into pieces...

And here is the proof.

- Patrik and the cartoons (TV in general)
As a small boy Patrik loved the cartoons. We watched and rewatched Mulan, Mulan 2, Nemo, Toy story, etc... Then one day all this stopped. Loris watched and watches cartoons still now. Patrik for the last two and a half years - no way. We had nothing to entertain him at least for a while.

Then, it happened. We believe it is his school that 'taught' him watching cartoons again. To combine an entertainment and teaching how to handle the i-Pad and with what strenght to handle the i-Pad, J. put some cartoon on it and put it into Patrik's lap.

We are watching cartoons again...

- Patrik and bicycle
The last and I think not the least - progres Patrik did was one that I thought it might never happen. At least that what I was thinking of this summer when I tried to persuade Patrik who was sitting on his bicycle to push the pedals to come closer to me. I was sitting two seps away on the bench. He refused. I struglled for an hour and a half - I would have longer, but then Loris and J. had enough and wanted to go home. I had to pushed him all the way back to our car, just because he didn't 'get it' how to paddle or, he didn't want it.

A month or so we got a excercise bike - not new one, but nevertheless. We got one. As all the other stuffs are all over the house, the only possible room to put it into was our bedroom. We had an idea how we will practice on it every evening. Jeah, right! Then after Loris' swimming class we realised that she needs excercise - more than she has it - as she lacks of physical condition (as I do and of course J. too). We let her do her evening cycling in our room. 

One evening Patrik came with us to see what we are doing. When he saw us, he turned around and left. Two or three days after that I was searching for him and found him sitting on the bike in our room. In an instant a decision was made and I asked him if he wants to try. 

He let me put his leg on the pedal and I slowly drop him down and put his other foot to the other pedal and suddenly, as he is to small to seat on the bike, he was lifting himself up and down - cycling. We were amazed. Few months ago he didn't want to try. Now he was cycling. 100m at least that the bike said.

I felt like he climbed K2.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is speech really everything? - Part 3

What happened before, you can find here: Is speech really everything - Part 2

So, to cut the story a little short - we went together (J., Patrik & I) to that appointment. Somehow - I confess - we were prepared to the worst possible thing. Especially J. as the last appointment Patrik had two years ago, the doctor was not particulary nice. Not to Patrik, not to me. Actually, at some point she had raised her voice at me, that day.

When we were called in - surprise. There was almost nothing we didn't get - the referral for the genetic tests, referral for the CT, appointment at the psychologist from her team, that same day. As we took the day off, we decided to go.

Psychologist was very nice. We talked and she actually worked with him. And she was quite impressed about him, as we were seeing what actually he showed her.
Later we agreed for new meeting and we left.

The August ended, nothing particulary happened. In September only I went with Patrik to the psyhologist and again I was told only positive things.  Agreed for new meeting a week later. Well, till this day I don't know what we were doing there. We were out of her office in, perhaps 20 minutes; just with her saying that she cannot give the recommendation for the school we want him to go. As he has 'moderate to severe' mental retardation. I looked at her and thinking if I fell in different reality.
Patrik did most of the things she wanted him to do in the previous two appointments. Yes, sometimes it took him time, but he had done at least 80 percent of the things, she gave him to do/show.

A little bit later we got new ST in Ljubljana and we started to work with her. At first he needed some time to adjust to her, her office and her way of work. And quite some months later, she was impressed by him. She called him different lovingly names.

At some time when during the session we talk about the things Patrik should practice at home and Patrik saw that her attention was not on him, he stated to do his task intentionally wrong and waited for her to see it. When she didn't, he corrected his wrong doing so apparently, that she had to see it. And at few times she told us, he was testing her.

During that months we had also an apointment on Faculty of Education in University of Ljubljana, with professor defectology. Of couse we went there. It was a part of evaluation and the lady was one of the members of the Commission.

When we came we asked her to let Patrik get to know the place and of course her, and surprisengly she told us that this appointment was more meeting with us, than working with Patrik. We were a little bit puzzled, but anyway... we talked.

We told her which scool we thought was the best for Patrik and also gave her our rasons, and she totally agreed with us. She told us, that her recomendation will be that. 

I don't need to tell you that a part of the stone we wore on our backs fell off of our backs. What we didn't realised was...

... that part of the stone just gave the place for new and bigger one. Which fell on our shoulders approximately month later...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Brother and Sister playing

So rarely happens in this house that brother and sister play together. As you all know, beeing Autistic, Patrik is not really keen in social playing. But when he decides to play with his sister, nothing stops him. Not even my demanding that Loris has to practice her piano...

This happened almost 2,5 months ago. I think it was end of Patrik's first week in school. Well, not everything what you can see here is something we are proud of. We were a little bit negative surprised when we saw Patrik trying to hurt Loris as she didn't understand him, what he wants, but at the end, everything sorted out right and Patrik - at least we think so - understood that kind of behaviour is not acceptable.

But anyway - it's nice to see them playing together. I know Loris misses that. And that she misses that A LOT!!! 

p.s.: This is not Loris playing... yet...

p.p.s: I'm happy to tell you, Patrik did understand that hurting someone is not the right thing to do... It seems that every lesson gets to him...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Foggy days

This week weather prognosis: 
* Monday - Low clouds with Shower possible --- around 10°C
* Tuesday - Low clouds --- around 9°C
* Wednesday - Low clouds --- around 9°C
* Thursday - Cloudy with a Shower --- around 10°C
* Friday - Low clouds --- around 9°C
* Saturday - Mostly cloudy and mild --- 14°C (if you believe it!)
* Sunday - Rain --- 10°C

Just some photos from Saturday to bring back my happy mood in this short foggy/cloudy/raining days that are ahead of me. 

I really need sun!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Award for my blog...

My blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award 

a interesting blog by a dad with autistic son. This was a surprise and nevetheless an honour and I am thankfull that he finds my blog intersting and written with passion.

I was asked to do a few things to qualify for the award. Let me list them: 
- Thank the person who gave you this award (well, even if that wouldn't have been on the list - I would have done it);
- Display the Liebster heart on your blog (did it)
- Nominate 3 to 5 up-and-coming blogs who have less than 200 subscribers (at the end of the post)
- Post 11 things about myself (hard one)
- Answer the questions given to me by the blogger who nominated me (even harder...)
- Create 11 questions for my nominees to answer (oh, h..l,)
- Notify my nominees and provide a link back to this post
- No tag backs (what would be the purpose to do that?)

So, here I go, some of them - if not all - you already know:

* Although I love pencils and fountain pens, I mostly write with ballpoint pens. If I could, I would write with goose feather. 
* Love books. The more, the better.
* Hate what this world economic crisis has done to my life and our family.  But this is good. If I would have been indifferent, I wouldn't search for new & better chances to change it.
* I need challenges.
* Get quickly bored.
* Have three published novels and several short stories... and much, much  more of them in my head.
* Suffer from cronic lack of time.
* Listen almost all types of music - love Irish folk music.
* Want to escape to some other country.
* Love wind, sea and sun & laughter.
* Am not scared of heights.

Answering the questions: 

1) What in your opinion are the three books or series of books people should read before they die and why?
Huh, this is but hard one. I have my favourites, but to say that they are the ones, one must read before they die - I will not go that far. Usually I leave the opinion to the reader. Perhaps just names of some my favourite books. If you will read them or did read them, you might understand why. The random order:
- Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
- La catedral del Mar (Cathedral of the Sea) by Ildefonso Falcones
- Trinity by Leon Uris
2) Where would you like to take a two day hike and why?

Two days hike - at the coast - favourite places: Land's End, Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry or over through the Highlands - although all those hikes would take me more than two days and I just wouldn't mind.
3) What is your favourite quote?

My son's quote: N'Č BAT! in translation: "No fear!" Simple, but powerful.
4) What one person would you most like to meet?

I thought about this very much and I just couldn't find any particular - perhaps my late uncle Vincent who died in Australia without ever knowing/seeing him.
5) What is your greatest passion?

Books & Writting... All others change as I & time are changing.
6) What is your favourite blog post by another blogger?

There are several favourite blogs and blog posts from different blogger - to choose just one of them would have been unfair.
7) Why was your favourite teacher, your favourite teacher?

Although I never had favourite teacher - I should mention my primary school English teacher, who encouraged me in learning English with saying I aknowledge years later (keep in mind you know much more than they - you speak their language, they are not speaking yours).
8) If you had to shift to another country, which country and why?

Ireland, UK or Spain. No particular reason - somehow attracted to me.
9) What is your favourite TV program ever?

Cannot think of any....
10) When did you stop believing in Father Christmas?

Don't remember exactly - around 8 years old.
11) What question should I have omitted from this group?


So, my nominees - not quite fair, because I would love to nominee several of them:
- Looking for blue sky - a blog from a mum who helps me see what might wait for me in the future
It's a crazy world! - she writes serious things if a humorous way... I would love to see her perform as a stand up comedian - hey Jointy have you thought about it?
-  Foxglove Lane - as her photographs help me get back to Ireland withouth actual traveling... I just mixed my imagination, my memories with her photos and I'm already there... - reading her story helps me stop to be sorry for myself;
- Bright Side of Life - altought she was nominated from some other blogger, I just have to nominee her too. It seems that she is an inspiration to so many. She will have less work to do... :o)

So 11 questions: 

1.) What was the most important lesson you've learned from your parents, but you aknowledged that years later?
2.) What would you do if you would have a chance to change your career?
3.) Besides your closest family members - who's advices you follow the most?
4.) If you would have unlimited resources of money - what would you do first?
5.) Which memory of yours is your favourite one?
6.) The most embarrassed moment of your life? (optional)
7.) Your best decision in your life?
8.) Your worst decision in your life?
9.) Were you raised in big family?
10.) Do you have big family of your own?
11.) Which animal scares you the most and why?

So this is it. I never thought I would master this. Quite a work... :o) for someone with cronic lack of time...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


that is Patrik's (who is pre-verbal) mantra for the last month or so. He is repeating this two words - not in correct written language - several times per day. 
Oh, yes, I forgot. Sorry. I should translate his words... :o)

So, "N'Č BAT!" it means basically "NO FEAR!" 

I remember we (J. and I) almost died out laughing when we heard him spoke those words for the first time. We already put both to sleep - well, better, to their rooms, when - not unexpectedly - Loris came back down the stairs. We knew it was her as... well, we just knew. 

After she was told to return to her bed, she started to do hers amost every night "I'm scared" talk... Before any of us could respond to the words we knew by heart, we heard Patrik out of his room:

"N'č bat!" in translation as above. All three of us just looked at each other and started to laugh. It was perfect timing from him to even think about something like that.

We never thought that this two words will stay with him, but they did. He is repeating them daily. 

It was almost a week ago, when we were surprised again. It was time to start the procedure for going to bed, so I went with Loris to the bathroom to help her. She was almost done, when I opened the door and called for Patrik. He was still in the living room with J. and I heard him comming. 

It was not all that I heard. He spoke again. This time alone - in responce only on the situation and a place. He said:

"N'č bat! Ni teme. Luč!" 

In translation: "No fear. No darkness. Light!" 

He was headed to the toilet as always and J. followed him. 'Light' was said in the moment when he turned on the light. We were stunned.

After joining us in the bathroom, I tried to get him repeat at least something of that explanation before. I managed to get 'no darkness' from him, after I said: 'no fear." and when I said 'light!' he looked at the light above us. His face was nothing but smile - even his eyes.

So, later last week, I started to think. This is not such a bad 'mantra'. 

No fear!

If he is not afraid, why are we?

No fear. No fear. No fear. NO. FEAR! - I started to repeat that myself in many situations I find myself in. 

Does it work? Well, sometimes. When not, I know I have to be more convincing saying them... :o)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Low back pain

Believe it or back - my low back hurts me for 5 months. It started in June and the pain was on and off... not constant... But it was often off, so that till next time my back started to hurt me, I forgot to go to the doctor.

Somewhere in September that pain becomes constant. It happened one morning - I woke up OK, no pain, nothing. Not 10 minutes after I woke up - I didn't move wrongly or something - my day became hell. 

I moved around like I ate a board. I cleaned my teeth kneeling by the sink. I drove myself to work, realising during the drive that my reflex are not as they should be. That frightnened me a little. But I managed to get there safe and sound. Getting into and out of my car was something not to be seen by anyone...

So I promised to myself I will have to visit the doctor. The question that arised was - WHEN?

I learned that my doctor, who I haven't seen for some years - is going or is already gone and retired... Nice...

Then J proposed to go to his doctor... Well, being at work already at 5:15 a.m. and working till - at least 3 p.m. --- well, I realised that I will have a new doctor only if he will make a call to my office... Sadly... isn't it?

Well, as we are all home this week - two days off national holidays and three days off on my account - as children having their Autumn or 'Potato' holidays as they call them, this was the only chance that I go and see J's doctor...

I don't eat pain killers - don't ask me why? I just don't... I eat them only if prescribed by the doctor... and if the pain is so hard, I can't live... But my pain treshold is so high... or am I just a little bit of masochist... I don't know...

Yeah, I wish... 

Woke up at 5 a.m. this morning - to make everything ringht and to get the children ready. Drove to the city and left the children at my mother in law for the time when we would have been at the doctors. 

Surprisingly, whew we went to the Medical centre I asked J if he is positive that the doctor works this week. He was 99% sure that he works. I asked him if he asked on Thursday when he was there. Yeah, sure he did!

So approximately half an hour later I learned that I woke up early --- for nothing. Doctor wasn't working and it will not work this week... 

Yes, I'm completely sure I will be able to see doctor only in case if he will make a call to my office...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snowy Sunday...

It's 28th of October and... yes, we got up in Snowy Sunday... The first snow in this season...

to be continued...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little steps for big goal *** Mali koraki za velik cilj

It's been a while I wrote my last blog post. I will not bother you with the reasons...

I am - well, I can say - happy today. Not just today, the last few days. And this feeling doesn't include only Patrik's progress, but something that is happening in our country. I am proud to tell you that people opened their ears and minds for Autism Avareness. 

One of our media companies "ProPlus" and Society for Autism DAN came together in a campain "Little steps for a big goal". It started some two weeks ago and final action started yesterday. 

A TV show "SVET na kanalu A" (World on Channel A) is one of the shows with news from all over the world. One of their TV reporters Jan Golja decided to do their annual running through Slovenia in benefit to the Society for Autism DAN.

Lots of people, not only from Media Company ProPlus, joined the run. 

Yesterday they started to run from two towns headed to the capitol. Today they continued from four different cities and reached the capitol, where they had also a VIP run. 

I know that as a mother of a boy with Autism, I should join them. But - with my work and working hours (not to mention my physical condition) unfortunately - mission impossible... :o(

This campain will last till this Friday - October 19th - and it will finish on the coast of Slovenia. They will run tommorow from the capitol to Nanos and on Friday from there to Piran.

During this days people can donate in different ways; by text message, by donation on special account and by buying special T-Shirt, which also all the joggers wear...
All raised money will go to the Society for Autism DAN, and this is a big, kind and generous gesture. 

I salute and congratulate to all!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is speech really everything? - Part 2

How it began - you can read here: Is speech really everything? part 1

Approximately the same time, I tried to get new appointment - after two years - for Patrik with the one and only (sad isn't it?) specialist for Autism in the country.

The last time we were there, was two years before, and honestly, never ended right. Even the first time, when we had been there, seeking for the confirmation of our suspicions. But that is completely different story.

So I took out of Patrik's medical map the last report we got from her (I have copies of all his medical report at home) and read it again. My smile was bitter as I remembered what we were promised two years earlier and although many calls, never got.

Patrik was promised to be accepted into her team in Autum. Immediately when she would had begun with, and in the report, I held in my hands, that was written. We were supposed to get a call in September/October 2009. 

Never happened. I called them several times, almost every month; from November 2009 to April 2010, but I just didn't get an appointment. Every call I made, there was new excuse. The team was not established yet. They didn't managed to complete the team. The psyhologist left and they are looking for new one. That excuse was the best. And sadly it really happened. Approximately three months after the team was finally established, psyhologist left. 

We stopped trying to get into the team as at that time we heard about RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) programme and Son-Rise. After reading The Miracle Continues - from Son-Rise and starting to learn more about RDI and read the Forgings New Pathways from RDI, we decided to try it. The RDI programme. We were told about very lovely and helpfull consultant Elisa and contacted her. 

We realised and it was obviously that medical system in our counrty had almost nothing to give Patrik. I write "almost" nothing, because in our town's medical centre Patrik had OT and ST. And that was it.

So, I took a copy of medical report, underlined  all the important information, written down all my possible contact information (mobile, fax, e-mail address) and asked one simple question: Will Patrik ever have another appointment at the specialist? I faxed it.

Altough "only" six hours passed and I received no reply - I thought that two years of waiting was more than enough - I called them.

At first I got a machine. I was informed they moved on another location, with new telephone number. Great! I started to be more undestandable why I was not called.

I called the number I got from the machine and finally got a nurse on the other side. I told her who I am and why I was calling. You should see my face, when I was told, that they didn't move, just changed the PHONE number. Everything else stayed the same, including the fax number.

When I explained her that I was waiting for the appointment date and that I sent her the last medical report, she started to excuse herself that they just got it that day. She was trying to persuade me that the report was circling around the hospital for several days. I hardly convinced her I sent it thatsame day.

I was very dangerously close to an eruption, but managed to hold myself back and stayed as calm as possible. ( I may sounded calm, but in my mind I...)

I wanted the appointment date. She told me, no sooner than October. I was left speachless. I asked if there is any possibility for earlier date. She was - I suppose - looking through the book and then I heard her:

"Well, I have one date, but I doubt you will manage to come."

"Can you give me the date?" I was still trying to stay calm.

"I'm positive you  will be on your holidays then," I heard her.

"Would you be so KIND to tell me the date?" my voice was starting to became higher and stronger.

"I told..." I just couldn't helped myself any more. My patience were on its edge.

"How can you know when we are on our holidays when even I don't know when we will go?!

That made her give me the date. July 21st, 2011, at... near noon. In only about two months.

That one was tough. I managed to get an appointment for Patrik in two long years.

If I knew what was waiting for us, I would never persisted to have this appointment...


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kate *** chasing ducks part 2

To continue the story... :o) I'm sorry it took me so long...

I was slowly packing my things and I was preparing myself for departure, when I overheard a conversation.

In a few days the largest children's festival in the country will start in a town near by. Festival's name: Pippi Longstocking's Festival. As I learned later it was already 23rd in a roll. More - sorry it's not in English too: 

When children went to bed I silently watched Petra. At first she was too busy to notice me. Afterwards I think, she wanted to ignore me a little bit. I was not mad as I knew she wanted some peacefull time for herself and if any left - also for her husband. But I decided not to be ignored.

Finally she looked at me and we stared at one another. Suddenly to break the silence I said:
"I will never blink!" 
Petra started to laugh so much I was afraid she will wake the children up. 
"You wnat to go with us?"

Three days later on a Sunday we left home and drove Loris on a festival. Patrik stayed with his Granny.

 When Loris decided to go horse back ridding - hehehe - that was the closest I wanted to be near the horse.
 I love Loris's coloring.
Well, I was so important, that the Mastadont's sculpture behind, just couldn't stand in the picture. I was told, that the sceleton of the Mastadont was found in that town a long time ago.
We spent lovely time there. Weather was sunny and we had busy afternoon. How many children on one place. Girls dressed as Pippi Longstocking, boys - well, a lot of them, dressed as pirates.

Petra didn't manage to take as much photos as she wanted. She was chasing Loris from the workshop to workshop - and of course, she was "CHASING DUCKS". 

Now I'm ready to take off...
Author's notes:
To all of you, who just find my blog - I'm not insane and I don't hear voices (much). :o)

I decided to write thise two blog posts of Kate in 'first person type' as I thought it would be more fun.

The part "I will never blink!" acctually happened - just it was not said by Kate (obviously) but J. said it, when he saw me staring at Kate - my mind was wandering. 

I hope I convinced you that having Kate on a visit is fun and it doesn't mean you're on the edge of you sanity.

She is ready to leave. Would you like to offer her a stay? To show her (and us) around? Just let me know. You can leave message here, you can tweet me on @PRovere, you can e-mail me (click on my name) or you can send me a message on Facebook.
I think I gave you no chance to excuse yourself - "I would, but I didn't know how to conntact you."

We are waiting... :o)   

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kate *** chasing ducks part 1

I read about  Kate one Saturday morning and said to myself... why not.

I read about Kate in a lovely and funny blog post from one of my blog-, facebook-, twitter-friend (some days I think I know her much better than my own 'face-to-face' friends) Candy. You can read about Kate's adventure in Dublin here: the wandering duck: kate's adventures

But that was not her first 'pit stop'. She came - as far as I know (Kate's not much talkative about herself) originally from: mari's world and she took off in the world from the site: chasing ducks

As I said my experiences with Kate made me decided that I will let her told her story of her visit with me. So here it is, with Kate's own words :o) :

"So, as Petra told you already, you know where to find me and from where I came. 

I was sent to Petra from lovely Dublin, where I stayed with Candy and her family. It was fun. I was wondering how it will be in a strange land quite far away from Ireland. Untill now all people around me spoke in English. My gratest concern was - Will I understand them?

Well, I had no problems. I was greeted very nicely, but the next morning? Oh my God. Petra woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and took me to her work. I was wondering what I did wrong? But anyway - it was fun - for me, not for her. I was left to sleep for some more hours with a lovely memory on a green island I left behind.

I was waken up when it was time for - yes, you can see it on the photo. My God... that woman drinks coffee as a water.One cup is not enough and if you think that this is a regular cup - no! - it a BIIIIG cup and as I said not only one during her time in her office.

...well, to confess - I was not bored and soon it was time to go back home. As in the morning it was dark when we left home and came to the office, I had an opportunity to see the surroundings of the country that went by.

...Few days later, school holidays were at their end and we went to the store to buy the school supplies for Loris. Wow, that was a bunch of stuff she needs every day. I was allowed to participate the hunt for the supplies. Acctually, Loris insisted.

...You all probably know that Loris plays piano - well, I wanted to hear her, but she made a lot of fuss. She said that she fells shamed as she doesn't play O.K. But, I can tell you --- when she wants, she plays very nicely for someone who learned piano for one year.

... Then I asked for some days of hollidays. I need it. They live such a quick life I cannot even explain that to you. You have to see it and also try the speed of their life. It's not easy.

Although this is not the end of the story about my visit with Petra and her family - I can tell you that I'm prepared to spread my wings and start a new adventure... Just let Petra know..."

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Is speech really everything? - Part 1

This is the story about our tryings to get for Patrik the best educational programme. The story started more than a year ago.  It lasted 15 months...

Everything began on May 9th 2011 when I sent the application to our Department of Education. Patrik needed to be evaluated how he will be schooled. We knew that we started with the procedure real soon, as we decided to let Patrik stay in kindergarten for one more year. But decision was made anyway and so we sent the application because we knew this procedures takes time. We wanted for the experts to have enough time to do it. We wanted them to do it proper way - to take as much time as neccesary. 

Boy, we were mistaken.

As nothing happened for almost whole month, I decided to call them. The lady I was talking to was very nice and she told me that she put the application on hold, as it was way to soon (????) to start with the procedure to do new evaluation.

At one point I agreed with her, but then I explained why we decided to begin more than half year - according to their way - sooner. 
I explaned the lady on the other side that the application was sent so early as we don't want to be too late - usually this evaluations take more than 6 months. For the fist one we waited almost a year. We didn't want this to happen.

She listened and I think she understood me and we agreed that she will send all the necessary papers to the preschool and I will try to get all the opinions from the other specialists which worked and work with him.

Till that everything went according to plan. 


yes there is always a BUT...

summer holidays started and everything was put on hold... again...

(to be continued) 

Monday, September 03, 2012

1st day in school

It's 3rd September and in our country the school started again. For Loris this was her 3rd year. She hardly waited for the day to come and for the last week, she was our pain in the 'a...'. 

So, if you check look on J. face, you can guess his feelings... I just couldn't get him to smile. She is his girl and she is growing up too fast...

J. escorted her to school earlier. Not that her school started earlier, but we just couldn't be on both schools at once and as she tells us every day that she is a BIG girl now, we let her go to the school escorted by J's mom.

When he came back, Patrik and I were already ready. We just took few photos, 

put on his school bag and off we went. (Yeah, J's face is no better than it was half an hour before...)

We were greeted very nicely in the school. He will be in class with 4 other kids and I just hope they will get along just fine together.

According to the first day, when we came to pick him up, we were already told, how good boy he is. How he tidy up when asked and... 

Wll, but we already knew that. Didn't we?