Monday, December 05, 2011

The three good men in December - The 1st - St. Nicholas

Yes, we have three of them. The first one brings the presents today. 

His name is St. Nicolas or Sveti Miklavž as we tell him. This saint really lived in the past and it was known after his good deeds to the poor. Especially to poor girls without dowry. I believe you know him - at least the ones from my part of the planet. And his companions are the devils.

As a child I feared them the most. Although I never saw them. Later when I stopped believe in, I learned that those rattling with the chains was done by my favorite uncle Gabriel. I never saw St. Nicholas, yet when I heard the rattling, I run into my bed, hidding. Who wouldn't? The child with my imagination... 

In the past when I was a child, he brought mostly useful things, like socks, vests, underpants and of course a lot of nuts, oranges, mandarines, locuts beans, dry fruits, etc... I'm trying to keep this tradition also with my children.

Patrik can't write yet, so Loris made her letter for the Saint Nicholas and without telling her to include her brother, she did. With deeds like that she is showing how much she cares about him... (or it could just be that she asures, she will get something - only me thinking this...)

This good man will not make us a lot of trouble - the devils are not running around anymore - at least where we are living now, but the following two... 

Well, this will be completely different story... 

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