Friday, December 30, 2011

In the room

Patrik and Loris have their own rooms. They are not together in one room, but they sare the same floor of the house. It's like that almost from their birth. We had them in our rooms for as long as maybe six months in a cradle, but as soon as they were to big for the cradle, we gave them their own rooms. Loris did moved once, but I don't remember if Patrik did. I believe his room is his from the start.

Although we were told that the room for child with autism should be 'empty', with only neccessary things and furniture... well, his room is not like that.
He has his bed on the floor - literary - as we had to remove bed's legs. For some time Patrik lied on the floor under the bed. He has the dresser - with toys (he is not playing with them) in the drawers and quite big table with big 'bookcase'. Well in 'bookcase' there is only one shelf full of books in others there are things we work with him. So they are always in the reach.

But, when Patrik is in his room, almost the first thing he does is to undress the bed. Completely. Nothing stays in place. Well he drags his duvet, when we are home, every morning out of the room. He covers his head with it and last month he goes to his sister room. To wake her up. In 5 a.m. or 5:30 a.m. maybe at 6 a.m. Very rarely later... Before he came down the stairs - covering his head. No turning lights. 

At first we were afraid about this, but then... we learned that he is confident in walking in the darkness, so we forget about it. To be honest, we usually woke up when he turned the lights in the family room. He walked so quietly. Yes, we have open doors in our bedroom, but it doesn't help. And I don't want to lock him in his room. I can't do that.
So, every time he goes in his room - to have some space on his own - his room became a mess. Especially the bed. He put all the bed linen - including the cushion - on his table, and moves out of the bed frame the mattress and... well till today I didn't know what exactly he was doing. When the noise from his room was too loud I always went to him, put together the bed and lead him out of the room, or I was most of the times even faster. I went straight behind him to his room and lead him out. Mistake? Probably.

Today I decided to let him be. To do what he wants in his room. I knew it will be a mess, but I said to myself... 'Hey, it's the last day before New Year's eve. I can have a little time for myself.'
But, the noise was too loud every now and then and my curiosity was too big, not to take a peak. With the camera, of course. What he was doing? Well, the clip says it all... 
He practises balance???

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  1. Hi Petra, my internet is too slow to watch this! It will have to wait until I get back to Durban on Tuesday. :(
    Nick also loves to cover his head!!
    Happy New Year to you and your family. x