Friday, December 09, 2011

Guide and Apprentice

Never in my life I wanted to be a teacher. I confess I don't have nerves for. I explane once, twice, three times. Even four times. I will explane the stuff as plain as possible. But I become easily nervous when I see and realise that someone who I believe in his/her intelligence mockes me or just plays stupid, so that he/her doesn't need to do the job. 

I had some specimens like that in my previous job. I needed quite some time to say good-bye.

But now I face the real challenge. Well, two challenges if I correct myself.

First challenge comes from Loris. This year they started to learn how to read and... what can I say. She has my genes. I didn't want to learn how to read also. My mother had quite hard times to get me to read. Because I didn't want to, she read out loud the stories I had to read for my homework. Once, twice, three times, but I had good memory. I memorised those stories, so in the school if I was asked to read the story from the beginning I had read it all the way, but in case if teacher asked me to continue story somewhere in the middle, I had no idea how to read furture. That surprised my first grade teacher, so she called my mother to the school. During the meeting they realised about my good memory. Although my mother said that she will stop reading me my 'homeworks', the teacher said to her: "No. If this is working, continue this way. She will learn." 

And I did. Well, soon enough my mother found new way to persuade me in reading. In that times - three decades ago - the only thing I like so much was 
- that was and is still a bubble drink. Very similar to Coca-Cola. And I was crazy about it. I don't remember how much was the price back then, but I remember I got every day, when I finished reading a 10 dinars (old Yugoslav currency) so I ride my father's bicycle to the store and bought myself a bottle. Yeah!!! Good commercial for the product - I should have sold this story... :o) - And my mind wandered again in a complete different path... :o)

So, Loris doesn't want to read. Wel,l she wants to but she says it is too hard. Last few weeks were very intensive between us when her homework was in question. She made such mistakes in such places that I just knew she is mocking me. Most of the time I rather stood up and went away, before we both lost our nerves. 

A big challenge which has to be resolved... and quickly. Maybe I will copy my mother's practice. The only problem is; Loris doesn't want to drink any bubble drink. Funny, isn't it?

The second challenge infront of me/us is our Patrik. Actually I don't quite know if I should call it a challenge. Patrik shows us almost every day... every hour we spent together that he is ready to be apprentice. That he wants to learn. That he is prepared to follow our lead if only we are prepared to be his guide.

Some posts ago I wrote that it was time for Patrik to help me with the laundry. We did it together all Saturday. He didn't need much of explaining what I want from him and what he had to do. He did it. 
And when both of the maschines worked and if I just went to see how long they will be working... Patrik followed me. Every time. He was persistent almost without me asking him.

The same thing happened on Monday with Janez. I drove Loris to her ballet class and Janez was preparing early supper. When we came home and after we put both children to sleep, he told me how Patrik followed him around the kitchen like a shadow. Altough he turned TV on, Patrik didn't want to watch it. He wanted to be around Janez, to see what he was doing and I believe - to learn that way. Just like the sorcerer's apprentice... :o) - To see every little detail...

So, now it is on US to recognise the right time to be guides to our unique apprentice.

Now this is a real challenge!    

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  1. Oh my word Petra, Patrik WANTS to be with you..... wonderful! :)
    I am seriously impressed with your lack of *talking* in the video! What was Patrik saying?