Thursday, December 01, 2011

"Get closer"

This video clip I got today from one of my friends by e-mail. In the e-post was written "Commercial that really touches your heart"!

At first I didn't quite realise what she is trying to tell me. But I watched it anyway. Although I don't watch many of the things that are forwared to me, just to be forwarded. I'm glad that I watched it. 
I had wet eyes at the end.
Later in the afternoon, still at work, Janez called me on my mobile. As I knew he already finished his work and was on his way to get the children from preschool and school, I answered.

His voice was full of joy, of laugh. What happened I asked him and he answered:

"Well, my mom said that she would like to be with Patrik this afternoon, so I just drowe him here. Do you know what he did?"  Of course I didn't. Janez continued:

"When I opened the car door, let him out and gave him his backpack (the things he carries with him in preschool), he looked at me, said: "TO!" (YEAH!) and run to the front door of the apartment building.
He was so happy and sounded really satisfied. You know he knew that it is finally his day again."

I smiled. What else I could do. 

When we hung our phones I remembered my words which I said a year or two ago to almost all the family (big family from both sides). I knew then that Patrik loves them all. He only had problems to show it. To let them know that he cares.

Back then I said, that if I ever found out that he was hurt, sad or felt 'neglected' because they didn't know how to get closer to him, how to interact with him, how it looked like they want to push him away, because he was/is/will be neuro-atypical, that I will come slap each and everyone of them without words and left. 

Well, I have to admit, a lot changed since then. In fact we all changed; the family, Patrik and at the end, so did I. 

It looks like for better...

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