Sunday, December 11, 2011

Communication tools

This happened this morning. 

Patrik woke up this morning a little bit later than usual. At 6 a.m.  And as I get up with him on Sundays (Janez does the same on Saturdays) I got up and joined him in the living room. I know that he is hungry the minute he wake up, I prepared his weekend breakfast. 

Two slices of his bread and 4 apples. 

Correct. This is his breakfast. He doesn't want any of spreads; no jam, no marmalade, butter, nutella - you name it, he doesn't want it. Neither any of salami or sausage, cheese. I had hard time to accept this but I had to. I had no other choice.

So, he ate his breakfast and I waited for coffie to be done. Turning on the TV was not for him. He is not interested in TV. He rarely watches a cartoon. 

I took his puzzles - two boards together - turned all the pieces upside down and waited. Till today he did one puzzle at the time. I wanted to see if he will recognise which pieces are from which board. I didn't waited long, he finished his task in a minute. I'm not exaggerating.

Just a little bit later Patrik took me my the hand and led me into the kitchen. I knew what he wanted but I decided he can wait untill later. Pretzels. His only treat. Surprisingly he didn't insist.  

There was really nothing good on TV (altough of so many programms) until The Secret of Kells started.

The music of this Irish-French-Belgium cartoon really attacts him. I love complete cartoon: the story, the drawings and at the end, of course, the music.

In the meantime Janez got up and came to the family room. When he saw what we watched he went to the kitchen. Not long after, I saw Patrik carring something to the kitchen.

In the corner of my eyes I saw - he was carrying his PECS communication book

He didn't use this one for a long time. The book is in the family room. Always in his reach. I must admit. We were not quite persistant that he has to use it. We undrestand him or he usually finds other ways to tell us what he wants.

I got up and followed him. When I came around the corner I saw Patrik giving the book to Janez, opened it and searched for the picture of pretzels. How could we refuse his pledge? There was no way we could do it. 

We both hardly cover our surprise. Yet we were happy, as Patrik was when he got his little bowl of pretzels.

We know now... No, we are sure now that we have to give him some communication tool. He can not speak - yet. But he clearly shows he wants to communicate with the 'world'. 

We just have to do... something... to help him.

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