Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cold and other annoyances

...and winter is not yet here. Uhhh, I dislike this time of year. You can wear what ever you want, you can cover your head with whatever you have, put on gloves, thick socks, etc... at the end the changing weather - from -7°C in the morning to +5°C during the day, and some days even warmer, some days colder - gets you... that darn cold.
It started with Loris, then Janez got it after Janez Patrik and... yes, surprisingly this year: ME! 

Last year, although I joked through the whole winter, I had a luck not to get it. My other three members of the family gave it to eachother like a brownies. Loris, Patrik, Janez, Loris, Patrik, Janez... and on and on and on... whole winter... almost whole 5 months. Yet sometimes just running noses, sometimes complete package of cold. And as you know the men... here and there my husband is the same as the others... When the cold was just a little bit harsh than the other days, he fell down half dead. But as he gets around all other times of the year, when he is not feeling sick, I tolerate this. Compromises... :o)... you know...

So, last winter - it was almost spring in the country - when I asked him in joke, when it will be my turn to get sick and the following weekend - I fell 'half dead' on the bed. Not more, just two days. I wished that I would cut my tongue off. We usually say - don't wake the sleeping lion... - I defenitely woke it.
This late autumn it started at work, in the school... almost at the same time on all the places we are going to. I managed to stay on my own two feet for quite long. But on Friday - besides of running noses from Loris and Patrik - Janez started to feel bad. Running nose. Hot forehead. Glass eyes. All the things that let us know, something is not going on right. 
On Monday we all went on our 'second homes' and on Tuesday I had to take Patrik to the speech pathologyist. 

Tuesday morning. As Patrik had his therapy in the preschool I took him there at the same time as always. 
6 a.m. 
I woke up with sore throat and light running nose. Great!!! I picked him up at 8:30 a.m. and went strait to Lj. His hour began at 10 a.m. and lasted for 45 minutes. When we came home, my throat still hurt and I was still dripping from my nose. 

Maybe half na hour later, when Patrik ate his lunch I got a terrible headache and possible fever. For 5 minutes I was hot, not 5 minutes later I was cold. I started to look for some medication and of course, nothing at home. We - Janez & me - take medicine so rarely that we forget to buy new, when the old expire. 
What on earth! And the clock was not 3 p.m. I was sleepy. Of course I couldn't fell asleep untill Janez got home. I hardly wait to hear the front door to unlock. I saw Janez's face in some distant shadow. 
I tried to sleep - no use. Loris wanted me to be with her. Janez tried to get her away. Well, he managed - for 5 minutes at the time. What they did those 3 hours when I tried to rest, I don't know. When Janez drove Loris to her piano lesson, I woke up, because someone had to watch over Patrik. I felt better, but I was not yet ME!

To short the long story... I fell asleep very early on Tuesday...

Next morning I realised that this year I didn't wake up the lion... I woke up...
the real dragon.

And the winter is coming...
(Hehehe, how I love this line..) 


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