Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas tree & Patrik

First off all, let me wish you:

Merry Christmas!!!

may your days be filled with love, peace, joy and all the things that matter to

Yesterday we made a tree, well Janez cooked Christmas dinner, Loris and I with a help of Patrik put together our Christmas tree. Durring the years we are together (Janez and me) bought so many christmas tree decorations that we could made three trees but... we have no space for that. 

Last few years we have had trouble to decide what color the tree should be. Red and gold? Blue and silver? Silver and Gold? Blue and Red?

This year we didn't have this trouble. We put on what ever the children brought so, the tree is gold, red, silver and blue, with some glas angels, straw stars and small wooden toys... 

Thank god, when we decided years ago how big the tree should be, we decided for a large tree, although... I'm thinking to change it next year - from artificial to real one. Now they even borow live trees in a bucket and after the holidays they take it back and plant it back to the nature. I really play with this idea. Untill now I didn't want to have a live tree just because I didn't want to destroy one. Some of you will think what a crazy idea but that's me.

So, during putting together the tree, at first it was seen that Patrik is disturbed. He was with me and Loris yet away. Didn't want to join. But when the tree stood and we began to put on it the decorations he by himself, decided to help us. He started to look and picking up the christmas balls. So I helped him to put them on the tree.

But later when the tree was done and Janez 'pushed' it to the corner, something very funny started to begin. Patrik started to take off the decorations. Ball after ball, star after star. It looked like that he wants to dissasembe the tree. On one side he took them off, on other we put them back on. As soon as he realised, this was unproductive work he did, he stopped. But not for long.

Few minutes after 'the work' Patrik layed on the flor with his teddy and watched the tree from 'frog perspective'. Loris watched Alice in Wonderland on HBO, when I suddenly noticed that the tree is moving. How can the tree move when it is artificial? I steped accros the family room when I saw him. 

Patrik was dragging the tree out of the corner. He stopped when I said so. I called Janez to put it back on it's place. Only then I realised and knew why Patrik was so upset at the begining and why he was moving the tree. 

Cristmas tree is standing in his corner. We put his armchair in another corner and put the tree in his corner. Of course this upset him. Whole year this corner was his and now, with no extra explanations we 'took' his corner 'away from him'.

I went to him and tried to explane in small words possilbe that he will get his corner back and his armchair, but for the next two weeks we just borrow the corner, so the tree has place to stand there. He gave no signs he understood me, but I knew he did. He left the tree stand in peace.
What about today? Well, we will see... won't we?

This morning Santa brought presents. I tracked him down on NORAD Santa page. Do you know it?

Norad tracks Santa 

Perhaps next year we will be able to track him down together... I hope Loris will not be too 'grown up'. This year we managed to preserve her belief in all three good Men. Next year is under big question mark... We certainly hope...

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