Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas day & Christmas miracles

Christmas morning was a lovely time. Patrik slept almost till 7 a.m. That's quite long for him. So I stood up and make sure that both of them Loris & Patrik did their morning 'ritual' (read: went to bathroom) before seeing what was under the tree.

Patrik was finished first as I helped him and I thought as previous years he will show no extra interest what's under the tree...

How wrong was I!!!

He surprised me fully. When he came to the family room he rushed to the tree and started to pull out the presents. I was so shocked that I forgot to take the camera into my hands.

Loris heard his laughter so she rushed out of the bathroom, joining us. As she can read she rush to find her present and gave Patrik his. She also brought the box for me and Janez (one gift - just so that she still believes) and I told her that me and him will check the present later when daddy will wake up.

She was so happy to find her unicorn-pillow that she at first forgot that she asked for two presents. Patrik started to tear down the paper from the box. First time in his life. Never before he did that. But... when the gift was unwrapped, he put the present away. He was looking at Loris' pillow. At that moment I knew we had made a mistake not to buy him similar pillow. But... we will just have to live with that. 

Later in the afternoon as we had lovely sunshine outside - although it was pretty cold - we went on a walk. We were unpleasant surprised to see that the park was almost already in the shadow. So at first we stayed in the playground, where they played for a while, but then I was too cold, so I said to go for a walk anyway. 

Janez told me to persuade Patrik to go off the swing, so I said to him, that we will go for a walk. Patrik did jump of the swing and made another turn back to it, when I repeated the sentence, so he joined me. But after we made two steps, he let go of my hand and went back. 

We turned around to see what was happening. Patrik went to get Loris as she played/collected the stones. As she didn't stand up right away, he pulled her by her jacket hood. He wanted to say to her to finaly MOVE! :o)

In the evening, just maybe half an hour before bedtime, he took in his hands... a childrens' book - Here comes Noddy again. I froze when I came to the family room from our kitchen. He was actually sitting in his armchair with childrens' book on his knees and watched it. He was not playing with the pages, but when he saw what was on the page, turned page by page. Slowly. 

I didn't dare to disturb him. 

Christmas miracles does happen. 

We just have to be open to see them... 

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