Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bored to death...

but not me... :o) I'm rarely bored... 
Today after work we asked Sabina if she will join us to do some task with me and Patrik. She agreed. We just wanted to see if there are some changes in Patrik 'knowledge'. 

As the last visit at speech pathologist we were told that it is too soon for him to work with color sorting and to work with paper. She said to me and to Sabina that the paper has too low weight for him. That Patrik does not 'feel' it right. I hope I wrote it down correctly.
About 10 days ago I got a plastic 'board' - actualy in that board Advent Calendar was hidden. But I'm not extra fan for chocolate and Loris didn't want to eat it as she got before an Advent Calendar for herself, so I took out all the chocolate bars and took them to my work. 
When I saw that the board was made from solid plastic I cleaned it and decided to use it with Patrik's tasks... I was right. For color sorting - or for sorting anything at all is quite usefull. Last week we introduced him color sorting almost for the first time at home. We used plastic toy nails for sorting and it went well.

Yesteday he brought the table by him self from his room and offered it to me and Janez. So we did this task on his wish. Again he did it very well.
Today when Sabina showed up Patrik was happy. He really loves her and she does him. It is seen in their interaction. I had to finish piano exercises with Loris so they waited for me. When Loris finished her task and I said to Patrik:
"So, let's us go!" he gave me such a bored look and a sigh that we all heard him. Even Janez in the kitchen. We all laughed.

Comming to his room, Patrik didn't show any 'rebelion' of not doing his tasks we gave him. And then...

... I brought back into his room the board he had left in our family room and put it on the table. I had rearranged it a little... didn't left the sample pieces in the same holes in a one row but arranged it in diagonals, so he had to look carefully and place the right pieces into the right places. Yet...

he leaned his head on his right arm and looked so bored when doing the task. We looked him for a while - Sabina gave him the color paper pieces he had to sort - and then I just said that I had to get the camera.

Unfortunatly when I came back, he stopped leaning his head on his arm, but started to yawn when completing the task. I wanted to laugh but didn't dare. He looked so bored, just like he wanted to ask us - 'Just for how long do you want me to do the same stuff all over again and again? ' Actually I have seen a little cloud above his head with thise words written in it. 
Anyway this I managed to catch on a video... 

Why I know that he was not tired? Because he is still jumping up and down in his room. He is still awake and the time right now is 08:28 p.m. Usually he already sleeps at this hour.

And I have never seen him so bored. Literally bored to death...


  1. Ah, Patrik is so cute.
    OK, I am going to say something here and you may shot me down in flames!!!! :)
    The *task* was boring!!!! :)
    Can I ask a question? Does Patrik reference faces and body language for information? I am just wondering because I noticed that he never looked towards Sabina!

  2. I agree with you, Di.

    Patrik references faces and body language for information. He never looked towards Sabina because he knew what to do. And that bored him. When he is uncertain he will seek for the informations from us - verbal or nonverbal. We are glad that is like that. RDI gave him/us a lot. RDI teaches us a lot.