Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"US" Time - Part Two

Saturday November 19th

We woke up quite 'late'. At 08:00 a.m. In an hour we were on our way. Outside was thick fog which I hate. I haven't seen sun for a week and I desperately needed it. 

Some ten kilometers on a highway and right after we left it the fog started to thinn and there it was. Sun. I breathed quite lightly. Finally.

Half an hour later we came to our destination. Ranch Burger Venise. 

Approximate 15 years ago I have found this place, become a good friend - one of the best friends - with Natascha, whos family runned and now she runns the place with a help of her father. So, we know eachother for 15 years. We did much things together. We went through some rough time and a lot of great too. 

Soon after our arival brunch waited for us. We couldn't have any excuse that we already ate. After that she explaned what was waiting for us. A massage. Sauna. Jacuzzi. And for the cherry on a top of a cake... for me... a horse.

The last time I was on the horse for real - 8 years ago. That was my hobby. Something where I could clear my mind. After that I haven't found the time. 
We went for a walk - a long one. Talked about... our children. Both of them. The theme we can not avoid. 

The day quickly passed away. There was so much things to do. We meet some new interesting people (a massage did me gooooooooooood) and some old ones. Most of them were surprised to see us alone. When we told that we will spend the night, most of them were astonished.

After a great meal, carefully prepared by chef...
...Janez conviced me to play pool. Well, by my opinion we tortured the balls more than to play pool... :o)

Sunday November 20th

Morning came and we woke up in a strange room. At first I didn't know where was I. 

I quickly realised that 'a treat' is waiting for me. An hour on a horse's back. As I didn't have any proper clothes for a horse back ridding with me - I even don't know where I have those clothes and boots - Natascha provided me some. 

Well, if I would looked at first at the size, I wouldn't go through so much trouble to... let us leave that. When I saw the size, I gave up. I knew the last time I had that size on me was a decade ago... :o)

I told her that I will not go with her, but she didn't take my 'NO' for an answer. Finally I gave up. My jeans had to do. So we went to get the horses. She asked me which one I want. As my knowledge of the horses in her care got worse and I knew that Pier is too old to be ridden - although I love that horse still as his 'brother' Ritzke who unfortunatly died several years ago - I decided to take Rudy. A beautifull brown horse, but... with mischievous attitude as I learned along the way.

Later in the afternoon when we say goodbye to Natascha and the others, first we picked up Patrik and after ariving to Celje, we picked up Loris and went home... 

New week was waiting for us.

Anyway, we had great time. On a horse I even forgot on all the probles which are troubling my mind. So, we can say... a mission accomplished. 

I realised, altough so many years passed I didn't forget how to horse back ride, but my muscles began to hurt - TODAY! :o(

It would have been funny if I wouldn't need to run around so much...


  1. Sounds perfect! You should look into horse riding regularly as your 'escape' even if it is something like once a month, you need regular time for you (dont save it up for years and years!)

    I'm glad you had a great time x

  2. Listen to Elisa!! :)
    You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful friend in Natascha. Your break away was a good plan!