Sunday, November 20, 2011

"US" Time - Part One

And we're back. WOW. We had weekend off. Alone. And not home. I can't remember when that happened. The last time I remember we were alone and not home was amost four years ago, when we were in England for 3 days. Janez had some bussiness there and I went along. This weekend was as good as that trip to Bristol, Cam and Glouchester. :o)

How this happened that we were alone? It was a project of many people... 

It started...

Three weeks ago. 

We all visited my friend Natascha. It was nice sunny day, so we were able to sit outside. This was a week  before Patrik's birthday and we talked. 

Than durring the conversation we had, Natascha asked us: 

"Do you have any free time?" We looked at her. She continued:

"I mean that you are alone?" We bursted out laughing. I said:

"You've must be kidding? When? We just explaned you few things since the last time we saw each other." (That was in summer!)

She looked serious.

"This is not OK," she said. "You will loose each other on the way." We were silent. She was right. We both knew that. Yet we didn't know how to change it. We were running around too much. When things in preschool started to be OK, the thing with school happened and is still happening. How to slow down? We didn't have the answer. We still don't.

"Now, listen to me very carefully... (somehow I expected that she will continue: "I will say this only once..." like Michelle from Resistance ('Alo, 'alo) always said it :o) ) ...three weeks from now, find a babysitter or babysitters and come up here. You will have a weekend for free." Before we started to look for the excuses, she said:

"Just stop it. I won't take a 'NO' for an answer. I'm booking you a room for the weekend on 18th of November and that it is. I will not forget." 
We looked at each other and simply said:

"We will do our best."

"No," she replied; "just show up!"

Friday November 18th

We were both working. Loris was at school, Patrik in preschool. As Loris had her piano lesson at 04:30 p.m. and I had arranged with Sabina to come, we knew it will be bussy day. 

In the middle of the day my mobile rung. I checked it quickly who it is and it was just a number. I didn't recognise it and I thought someone from preschool or I don't know who called. Usually I don't answer on numbers that I don't know, but last few months I have to. I don't have all the numbers from 'specialist' and 'members of comminsion' in my mobile (like they would call me). So I answered. 

At first I didn't quite recognise who was calling, but then I started to laught. It was Natascha. She reminded me of our weekend off in her hotel. I promised that we will come.

In the afternoon - crazy houres. I came home, Janez drove Loris to her piano lesson and then to his mother. She agreed that she will take care of her through the weekend. 

Janez and Loris left, Sabina came. 

We worked with Patrik. Suzana, my colleague from work, lend me some teaching toys. All those that we have home Patrik knows and I saw him he became bored, all the time the same toys... No challenge. 

Again we were suprised how quickly he knew what to do with almost each toy. The only problem he had was made up puzzles. We had to show him few times that he had to lift each piece and put it into the other... That was a little bit confusing, jet he was persistant to finish the task.

Janez came back just few minutes before Sabina left. 

I packed Patrik's backpack, took the new teaching toy he showed he likes. Patrik put on his shoes, and his jacket and we were all on our way to Velenje. My parents agreed to look after him. 

We droped him off, went to the store (07:45 p.m.) to buy some groceries for this week, went home I started to do the laundries, Janez cleaned the rest of the house and...

...we went to the bed. Don't ask me about the time when. I don't know...


  1. Oj, juhu.... blagorčka, ja res prav to potrebujemo.... sta si vsaj malo nafilala baterije, otroka sta se imela 100% čist ok... komaj čakam nadaljevanje zgodbe..

    Lp, Mateja

  2. Time out.... is.....IMPORTANT!