Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunny Sunday In Late Autumn

Someone would say: "It's not late Autumn." 

But, for me it is! End of November. 

"Winter is comming." (quote from my last favourite book - well seria - fans you know about which I'm writing about)... Defenitely!!!! - My addition.

For last two weeks we had nothing but fog - well at least I. In the morning fog in Trzin (where I'm working) in the afternoon, when I finally managed to get home - darkness... And I'm so addicted to sun, for natural light. I hate lightboulbs. Especially this new ones. Eco or whatever they call them... But... again... I managed to lost my thoughts... :o) Sorry...

The sun managed to pervades the fog already on Friday. And it was with us on Saturday and also on Sunday. I felt completely different. Last two weeks were really so depressed. Not just for me. I saw that almost all around.
As we have a big oak tree in our back yard, this pile of leaves was just one of them. Janez put it together already on Friday (I was not so good) and on Sunday, when we came back from my mothers, we as a family stayed out and filled the bags with them. Even Patrik helped although Janez at first said that he doesn't need to. But I disagreed.
Well, RDI teaches us that no matter how small the task is, everyone should participate of doing it. 
At first he run to the swing, but when he saw us doing something. Something he never done it before. It was just like he waited for an invitation. I called him and he came right away. He didn't pick up a whole arms of leaves - I think that would be too much to expect - but he helped as much as he knew how...
 Bit by bit, leaf by leaf he filled the bags, with the smile on his face. 

Later on, when Janez bound the bags he was watching him with so much curiosity and at the end with much comprehension that if we wouldn't run out of the bags... - the rest of the pile is clearly seen -  

- next bag probably he would try to bind together... We will see next time if he will succeed...

At the end, it was a wonderfull Sunday. Although "Winter is Comming" we certanly hope for more Sundays like this one.



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  1. Lovely photos, your kids are gorgeous. I am sure that your husband is to!!!! ;)
    The leaves look fun!