Saturday, November 26, 2011

Staying home?

Yesterday we had a day off. It was Friday and we didn't go to work. WOW! 

It was a wonderful day. In the afternoon the sun came out of the fog and clouds. We haven't seen it in our city for days. 

In the morning we didn't need to wake up so early in the morning. Like use to. No, today we had time to get Loris to the school and Patrik to preschool. We woke up at 06:30 a.m. Otherwise we woke up at 5 a.m. 

As Loris had to be in the school at 07:45 a.m. and we told his preschool teacher that Patrik will be in preschool at 8 a.m. we had plenty of time. We dressed. I made them breakfast... OK I made Loris and Patrik breakfast. Patrik ate his slice of bread and an apple, Loris asked for two slices of bread with Nutella and a cup of milk.

Usually I don't make them breakfast. It's too early in the morning. Patrik eats his slice of bread every morning, Janez's mother, who usually babysits Loris until she has to be in the school, told us, she will take care about her breakfast. 

We agree on Thursday that we will take them together to their places.

After delivering them to school and preschool, we went home. Janez stayed outside and went on the oak leafs - it finally threw all on the ground. 
Janez said not a long time ago, he wished our oak would have been just the same as the willow from Harry Potter. Do you remember? One leaf fell of her and she shaked them all down from the branches at once.

Nevertheless, I went inside. Was I good as Janez, I won't tell you. :o)

But as we usually do our grocery shopping on Friday late afternoon or early Saturday morning, we decided to do it before we will pick up our children. And we did. WOW. We made it. Lazy afternoon waited for us.

We picked up Patrik, afterwards Loris and went home. Janez's mother called and said she will come and visit, so later she did. Janez prepared late lunch and I drove Loris to her piano lesson. 

Late in the evening I said to Janez that how easy and slowly day it was. No rush in the morning. No rush in the afternoon. Especially morning was nice. No one nervous. No screaming. No rushing. No panic. We did everthing yet noone was angry on anyone.

Would I stay home for that? It would be nice. Perhaps. Maybe. 

But at this point our finances doesn't allow it. So it is stupid to think about it.

In the future?...

If we win on Euro lottery... :o) 

Who knows...

Yet, I don't know if I would manage to be "just a Mom". I salute you all who can.

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