Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A-HA moments

this is something I love with RDI... They remind me that Patrik can be as good apprentice as Loris, if only we do it right. We have left him out of house choirs for long enough. It's time that he start to help bit by bit. 

I can see how proud Loris is when I let her go to the balet dancing alone - crossing one of the bussiest street in our town; when she is alowed to go to the piano lessons alone, without taking my hand. It's that special look on her face, in her eyes: "Look I can do it alone."
And so I asked myself, why I don't let Patrik to feel that same feeling? Of course I will not let him cross the street alone. Yet! First of all, he is only six years old! At the moment he is non-verbal.

Actually I never let him go anywhere alone, accept from the car to the preschool, or from the car to my parents house - when the car is already parked on the parking or backyard. I don't even remember if he showed any wish to go anywhere alone. It is true; in the summer when we were at my mothers and he wanted to play - most of the time he run to our neighbours backyard and waited to be cought. But that's it.

So, how to help him acomplish that feeling of pride, feeling of beeing accomplish... RDI helped me here. Lifestyle activities. According to his willingness to help, to do something (OK, sometimes he shows no desire to help, but this is so common with Loris, that we have almost no argument when Patrik show us so) apparently we chose the right lifestyle activities...  

Me and Patrik started to take out the trash. At least plastic ones. So we are doing this almost every day, when the trash bag is full. Sometimes I prepare two bags, one for me (large one) and one for him (small one) and we are on our way to the trash bin.
And at the trash bin he had his A-HA moment. Our trash bin for plastic is almost as  big as Patrik if not even bigger... for a little centimeters. So if Patrik wants to put the trash into the bin, I have to open the bin and help him lift the bag.

Than the other day I just opened the trash bin put my trash bag into it and waited. I didn't help him put in the bag right away. Instead I waited. He tried to put the bag into it, but he couldn't manage to lift the bag high enough. He waited for some seconds than looked at me and 'offered' me the bag. He realised that he will not be successful if he won't ask for help. It was so nice to see a smile on his face when I closed the trashbin.

Now I'm preparing to teach him how to do the laundry... :o)

Eventually, he will have the knowledge so when he will grow up, every girl will want him...  :o)