Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting close to the edge

Last two weeks were not nice. The days were hard for Janez and me. We waited for some decision and just learned that - decision will be made in one month. ONE MONTH! Yet they promised that decision will be done last Thursday. 

But that is how it is. We can not do anything but wait. Well, we can do. Read all the Laws and the Regulations related to future schooling of our son. Not nice reading, believe me.

The 'funniest' thing happened just on Monday, when I sent a text message to my sister if she can ask her husband which Law covers home schooling. Yes, she did answer me right away with the name of the Law and which articles are refering to the home schooling. Five of them. From Article 88 to Article 92. But...

(Yes, there is always BUT...)

... when I read those five articles, I found out that I will have to read the whole Law otherwise I will not be informed about everything. Why? In those five articles they  included: second paragraph of Article 28, Article 64, Article 67, Articles 83 to 87, second paragraph of Article 82 and third and fourth paragraph of Article 84 (specifically mentioned)... 

I stopped reading. I had to take a break. For the last 2 weeks (not only last two weeks) but last two weeks I'm so much in Laws and Regulations that I regret I haven't studied law. If only I knew what was waiting for me in my life. 

I never knew that I will have to do so much reading and studying just to get my child with Autism into first grade. In the school that (we hope) is the best for him.

I'm getting dangerously close to the edge... 

But (yes, again, but this is the good 'but') Patrik made so much progress in thise days. Although Loris is in her second grade and she got first evaluation of her knowledge (maths) and let me say - we are very VERY proud parents - he is making his steps to a progress.

Well, as some specialist said to us, that Patrik doesn't have any academic knowledge to put him into the regular educational program, but with adjustements of passing him the knowledge, we decided to 'test' how much he knows. Almost noone tried this before. No specialist, or he was just too jung to understand what they want from him. I don't know the reason.

Sabina helps me work with Patrik at home. For the last few 'days' when we were working togehter with him, we heard several new words. Words which he never spoke before. 

The first one was 'MODRA' (blue). We were trying to show him that blocks are not just for putting into the box, but he can do something else with them. So, I asked him to put blue block on blue block. I told him this sentence (blue block on blue block) again and again for quite some time, because he pressed his fingers against his ears. At some point he lovered his right hand, took a blue block, looked me strait in my eyes and said loud and clear: "MODRA!!!!" (BLUE!!!).  He was in some sort of crunch. After that he put the blue block he held in his hand on the second blue block on the table. 

We were surprised and happy. New word! He repeated! He copied me!

But as they say, "One swallow doesn't bring the spring." we were happy enough that this happened, so we slowed the pace.

Few days later I read in his diary, which we all write (preschool teachers and we) that during a puzzle game he repeated after Sabina OSEM (eight). He had to put  ten toes in right places on the feet and those ten toes were marked with numbers. When he was putting them on right places, Sabina counted written numbers...

Last Friday was most funny after all. Loris had to write for her homework all the names of the members of her family. Of course, first had to be the name of her father. She explaned me that because he is the tallest in our familiy. I smiled. Great escape why she didn't write my name first.

As she 'needs' me to be with her, when she is doing her homework (although I try to get away and just check at the end, how the homework is done) I sat down behind the desk and spelled the name. Janez. Five letters. I can't remember how many times I spelled it. How I slowly said it. 


Too many times I believe, as... 

...when she was almost finished with the name, yet she 'cried' out that she still don't know how it is written and before I managed to said it again, we all heard a voice from the living room:


It was Patrik. 

Janez and I started to laugh.

I believe at the end she brought him close to the edge with her whining. 

This is good start, but (yeah, again) we have to be carefull not to push him OVER the edge. It is not wise... we may - I don't even want to think about it...     

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