Saturday, November 05, 2011

7:31 a.m. six years ago

Patrik Ian was born. 

I still remember his birth as it was yesterday. Everything went so quickly - nothing compare to Loris's birth - that he almost fell out. It took only an hour and fourty-five minutes from the real start to the moment that he was born. 
They brought me to the delivery room in last minutes. When the midwife told me that I will give birht any minute, I thought she lost her mind. In the same breath she yelled to some nurse to get my husband otherwise he will miss the birth. Janez did run into delivery room just few minutes before. 

Yet that was then and today we were celebrating his 6th birthday. Previous years we tried to have a real birthday parties. But we realised quickly this is not for Patrik. He showed no desire for parties, no happy face when he got the present. I fell terrible; I saw that family was somewhat hurt by his 'so called' ignorance, but I fell even more terrible, because I saw that Patrik was somewhat sad as his peace was disturbed. 

So this year we decided to give him this day. To spend it the way he would like to. That he will be able to do, what he likes almost the most. Unfortunatly we could't go swimming, but we went to a place (Natascha thank you) where he could jumped on the trampolin as much as he wanted. His face shined. Luckly we had quite good wether for this time of season. There were more clouds on the sky than the sun, but it was warmer than previous days - we had around 16°C and we were able to be outside. 

After lunch we decided to go to another park to different playground... but Patrik... :o)

...fell asleep. Although we knew that he might wake up tommorow very early - in the middle of the night, we left him sleep... After all today is his day. Still... 

Happy Birthday... mio piccolo principe...  



  1. Happy Birthday to your precious boy ~ beautiful photo! Sorry this is late, but have been away!