Saturday, October 08, 2011

"What on earth?"

(The story continues: "No, not my son. He is ok. You will see.")

Well, I can say... we were not prepared. And for one and only reason. Wherever we went with Patrik, every specialist, doctor, psihologyst, working terapist... etc... everywhere we had to talk and explane Patrik's condition. They were... well, at least looked like, not interested in Patrik but more in what we have to say. 
When we first met Elza I had as always complete Patrik's medical history with me, and let me say... Although Patrik was aroud 3 years old, yet I had one big blue thick sitemap of his medical reports, with me. I carried that every where. I still do. I have them (as now there are two of them), just in case, in the back of my car.

But... Elsa welcomed us, introduced herself and... off she was on the floor with Patrik. Saying nothing to him, only beeing there with him. We completely frozen. 

What was happening? I looked at Janez, he looked at me. We were clueless. What on earth is happening here? 

We sat down and watched how she slowly tried to connect with Patrik all by herself. Something noone had done before. What she actually did, how Patrik reacted, I can not remember in details. Yet I remember, she somehow managed to get to him without singing his favourite song. It was not for long... but you have to understand that he was, at that time, a child with typical signs of autism. We were astonished.

Another light of hope lighted for our future. Nothing was lost yet... 

p.s. I'm sorry for the post's address... But... Do I have to explane?

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  1. Amazing isn't it, the power of just being and how this can help to connect!