Monday, October 17, 2011

Such a big heart...

... and yet he is so small.

Yesterday he showed us again how good his understanding is... and how much he cares for my parents. Don't misunderstand me. He loves Janez's parents too, but I'm never present nor I get any information what he does, when he visits.

So, why my 'statement' about watching over my parents? Here is why?

In June my mother was in hospital. Really sick and for some days we didn't quite know if she will made it. Uffff... those were crazy and scary days. Luckly she did and she came back home. About two months later she said if she can have Patrik for the night. We agreed and made another arangement with Janez mother so she took Loris for that same night - from Saturday to Sunday. We had a night off... One of few we have had so far...

So, don't let me be too depressed about that, let me continue.

When we drowe Patrik to my parents, we gave my mother many instructions what she can not do; lifting him, jumping with him (what she usually does), spoiling him (what she usually does), that she has to rest, watches of herself, etc... Patrik heard all of thise instructions, yet he didn't give us any signs that he even recognised them as instructions or that he understood what we were talking.

But on Sunday when we came back to pick him up, we heard half impossible things. My mother told us that almost the minute we left day before, Patrik took her hand and led her to the couch. She had to sit down. When she tried to stand up and go to kitchen or some other room, Patrik followed her everywhere. As he saw that she did what she intended to do, he lead her back to the family room and sitted her on her couch. If that was not enought, he helped her lifted her legs on the couch, so literary she had to lay down and rest.

Yet that was not enough. In the evening my mother usually left him fell asleep on his floor cushin, and after he fell asleep, she or my father lifted him and put him on his sofa-bed. Yet that evening he lay on his floor cushin and she and my father talked about who will lift him up after he will fell asleep. As my father had his arm broken last winter and the arm is still not what it used to be, they had this discoussion. They were not finished, when Patrik stood up, went to his bed and fell asleep 5 minutes afterwards... 
Well, we hardly believed to all of this, yet, both, my mother and my father told the same story.

But, on Saturday again, Patrik showed how much he cares. It was in the evening, approximate half an hour before the evening news, when Loris and Patrik were both in my parent's living room as we discoussed in the kitchen. Loris watched her cartoons, when my mom went to see them and she told - mostly Loris - that she can watch her cartoons only half an hour - till 7 p.m., because at that hour the news starts and my father wants to see them. 

I heard Loris asked her when this will be and my mom showed her on a wall clock how the clock hand have to be. After that she returned to the kitchen.
We were talking and talking and from no where we all heard:
"Patrik!!!!!" We looked each other and I said:
"What he had done wrong this time?" I knew by the sound of her voice that nothing terrible happened, that she is displeased by him. My mom stood up and went to the living room and came almost right back.
We all waited for the 'news'. She said:
"Patrik turned the TV channels to the news. Grand pa, go and watch. It's 7 p.m.." I remember myself to look my watch and truely... the time showed 7 p.m....
This is really amazing if you understand that he is not yet 6 years old. Non verbal. A child with autism. Yet with such a good hart to watch over 'other' people...