Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stop running around

It's difficult. But we will have to. Our week scedule is full of stuff and we will have to reduce something.
In the past we always made all the visits of our friends and families members. We almost never get any visit. If we do, they are so rarely that it is hard to understand why. Did we do something wrong in the past, that almost no one wants to see us in our house? We didn't find the answer and if we ask them all why... usually the answer is: "We don't have enough time. We are so bussy." 

As if we have it? As if we are not busy!

We are both full time emoployed; Janez is working from 6 a.m. till 3 p.m.; I'm working from 7 a.m. till 3 p.m. - one hour of drive each way. Loris is in second grade, in the afternoon once per week she is attending balet dancing, three times per week piano lessons.

Patrik is in his last year of preschool. We are working hard to teach him everything he will need to know and to do, to be able to go to the best possible school for him. As far as we can see there is only one school here in Slovenia to accept him and it is in Ljubljana. And yet we are not sure if they will accept him, so we are really doing our best to give him the best start.

It is sad, but yes... we get visits so rarely that Loris does not know exactly how to behave when we get some... She is running around, triing to get all the attention, triing to show everything she posses or she can do. 

I apologize to all who feel hurt... but, we always make all the visits; to our friends, to our families and yet when we say that we can not...we feel really bad. I can not even remember when any of our friends came to visit us in our house. This is sad.

Unfortunatly we will have to stop doing that and reduce this running around. We are not able to do that anymore. It is too exausted and we are not doing almost anything else than running arround. Almost no talk for us; for me and Janez. We can not sit down and just be... 

Sometimes we wish to escape from all of this, from this crazy life we are living... Yet we can not. All we can do is to adjust it a little bit and start to breathe and to live a little bit slowly. 

Will we manage? Honestly? I don't know. Certanly I hope so.  


  1. Great realisation Petra! This is the first step to a better quality of life, realising that the fast paced life isn't helpful for you, your family, or Patrik's development. As you know in RDI it is important to slow everything down (not just interactions with Patrik). I think this is something we could do more work on in your programme (I feel a parent objective coming your way!) I am sure your friends and family will understand your perfectly good reasons why you need to be more assertive and people will still value your friendship. xx

  2. Čas je dandanes prevelika dobrina, ker nam je vsem primanjkuje. Sama se velikokrat zgrozim, ker mine teden, pa ne grem na obisk niti k mami. Res pa je, da nisem čovek,ki rad hodi (ali rad dobiva) obiske. Tako, da moj razlog za neobiskovanje je zagotovo ta. Taka je pač moja narava, pa saj ti to veš. In veš, da imam Loris in Patrika kljub temu zelo, zelo rada.
    Res pa je, da živimo v preveliki naglici in da se ne znamo ustaviti - žal.

  3. Saj to je ravno to. Vso to 'letanje' sem in tja, pa terapije tu in tam, pa sekiraš se, če kdaj kaj odpade... Ampak to so zadeve ki jih moramo speljat in tu ni debate, to morava naredit. Zmanjšava lahko samo še na obiskih. Vsi pa dobro veste, da so najina vrata odprta in da lahko pridete kadar koli... Še nikogar nisva pustila zunaj... Samo žal, pride skoraj nihče...