Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sleep and other things...

Acctually it was funny. My prediction was correct. I didn't sleep much yesterday.

First I was at the computer looking for the new law about children with special needs as we got new one this summer but begins to be in use on 1st September 2012. Great, right? When I finaly found it, it was written as all laws. Not readable, not to mention confusing. It can have so many interpretations as there are people who interprete it. 

One more thing; it's not only the law that is changed. The law will 'complete' also three different Regulations, which are not (obviusly) written yet. The old ones are still 'in charge'. And one more thing - we have no Goverment at the moment. So in December we have our elections - again - and before the new Goverment will be selected and begin to work... a lot of water will pass by... 

Knowing our laws, I know that the Regulations will be completely different than what is written in the law. Nothing new. If this will not be like this, I will be very, very surprised.

I fell asleep late - it was almost morning. My mind was like a war field. No wonder that I was a zombie through the day. :o) I always am, if I don't get enought of sleep.

My mind was troubled. I thought about many things we will need when the meeting will come. It should be in November, only 5 days later than Patrik's 6 birthday. What kind of present I will be able to fight for him? What kind of future?

I will not kneal before the 'experts'. There is no way! I may be called buldog or excavator, I don't mind. All I want is that he will have all possibilities and chances as others.

So, why funny? Well, Patrik usually sleeps very good. He goes to his bed (like Loris) at 8 p.m. and sleeps - last few months - till six. Exceptions are week days as we all have to wake up at 5 a.m. He had never problem with sleep. Well, another exceptions are when he sleeps in kindergarten, but then he doesn't go to sleep at 8 p.m. but he is active late night. 
But this night he woke up at 2 a.m.. I just couldn't believe it when I saw it on my clock. Thank God it is sunday. He went to the toilet first, then I took him into our bed. As usually Patrik layed close to Janez. The reason? Janez is hot as Patrik and Loris are. I'm their complete opposite. I'm always cold. I sleep with socks on my feet otherwise I can not sleep. I sleep covered with heavy duvet and blanket, Janez sleeps uncovered and still is warm. 

As he layed close to Janez, he woked, but fell asleep right back. How I envy him... :o) So, Patrik was in the middle and I tried to get Patrik back to sleep, so that even I would have some sleep. Not a chance. Patrik was in his best mood to 'talk'. So, he talked and talked and talked till the morning. You can imagine I have no sleep. 
Actually I was glad, when Loris woke up. I knew the day had come. And I continue to be zombie...  I'm very good at it... :o)


  1. What country do you live in Petra?
    I also wear socks to bed, except in the hot heat of summer!!! :D

  2. We are from Slovenia... :o) As for the socks on my feet - let say 10 months of 12 I have socks on my feet... :o)

  3. Petra - pogum v roke. Kot sva govorili, sama verjamem, da vam bo uspelo. Samo ne prepusti se kolsju naših zakonov. Ne smete se vdati. Ti boš naredila najbolje za svojega sina! In uspelo ti bo!

  4. Če verjameš ali ne Andreja... vse skupaj me je še samo podžgalo, da jim dokažem, da nimajo prav... danes sva dobila poročilo... :o/ - že poizkušam dobit zavod za šolstvo na telefon...