Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Skating" princess

Yesterday I took day off. It was sunny but cold outside. I'm guessing that this was the reason that Loris's school organized the skating class in near skating stadium. As it was the last day of the class, parents were invited to join the last hour.

They had similar skating class last year, but last year Janez went to see her. This year I decided to see live session.
As I said, it was sunny day but it was cold - around 5°C in the morning, maybe around 10°C at 11 o'clock, when the class started. I took my camera with me to get her on tape. She didn't skate last year much, but from what I have saw she was brilliant. Yes, of course there were children, who skated better than her, but it was seen that those children skated perhaps much longer and more than her.
At the end they all got a medal - 'golden' skate on it and they were all very happy. She was excited and as a proud mother, so was I. Very much.

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