Saturday, October 29, 2011

Patience is a virtue... - Part one

So they say... As a very unpatient person (when there is a waiting for someone who delays every meeting is in question), that was something I have had hard time to do. To understand. 

But those who read my post from the beginning of September, right afterwards our return from England, you remember what kind of 'game' what kind of assignement we had. Back then we needed to wait for Patrik to initiate the activity; to initiate that he wants to be involved in our lifes, not just some observer. We waited for each other and waiting for him was one of the hardest things for me. 

Some of you can imagine. For almost 3 years there was nothing but keeping him involved. Teaching him. Make him avalable whenever we wanted, where ever we wanted... That was a hard work. For all of us. 

But I can say the waiting did payed off. Although at the beginning his initiation was not on every day basis, the last fourteen days he is incredible.

Previous Tuesday Patrik had his first appointment with his new speech pathologist in new Centre. In Ljubljana. I was somewhat asking myself, what to expect. Again my worries were for nothing. Patrik accepted new place, new person. 
OK, I was told that he is not yet ready to speak, so they did some tasks together. She told me (I hope I remember it well), that she wants to see his persistence, coordination, attention to the task and engagement.
She rolled him a marble by marble, Patrik had to catch them and put them into tin can; then she gave him left-right glass stones which he had again to pick up and put them into different tin can... etc... so the first tasks were very similar. 
But - let say - 10 minutes before the hour (45 minutes) were finished, she introduced him a piggy bank (again made of tin) and coins. She offered him coins and waited (not for quite long) what he will do. Patrik did pick up the coin and started to put it into piggy bank, but he didn't knew how. He tried to put it into the hole horizontal way instead of vertical way. After few moments she took his hand and led him how to do it. (By my opinion, everything went to fast)

So, the first 'hour' was over and we went back home. Not long after lunch, Patrik went to the bookshelves we have in our family room and started to look up. He was babbling a lot, so I went to see what is going on. Standing infront the exact book case, where his and Loris's piggy bank stood, I realised in a second what he wants. He wanted to continue the task he did at speech pathologyst. It was obvious that he wanted to do better as before.

I took the piggy bank from the shelf, took some other carton box and invited him to the table. Patrik followed. By his face expression and his anticipation I saw that he is hardly waiting. When I offered him the box with the coins, there was a big smile on his face. He did the task, with minimum help from me, for almost half an hour. It was incredible.

When Janez came home from work and only when he sat down on the couch near the table, he came to him and showed him what he learned. Yes, he had some minor difficulties with different sizes of coins, but he learned how to put coins into piggy bank. Yet that was not enough for him. He actually practised all week and still goes to the piggy bank here and there to put some coins into it.  
A nice way to get more pocketmoney. :o) 



  1. Teta ima kar nekaj drobiža, ga prinese. ;o)

  2. I enjoy the way you write!
    By the way it is 10.30pm and 20 degrees celsius!!!!! ;)

  3. Thank you Di!
    By the way: Are you a little bit teasing me? ;o)

  4. Yes Petra, I am teasing you! Hee hee :D

  5. I knew it! ;o)
    It must be nice to have such warm weather... :o)
    We all love nice warm days more than cold, rainy days...