Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lifestyle activity learning *** RDI learning

I simply love RDI therapy. It teaches me and Janez to teach Patrik things which we are simultaneously teaching Loris every day. Lifestyle activities.

Sometimes I forget that Patrik is not helpless child. That he can has his household activities as well as Loris or Janez or me. His years appropriate of course. 

When I teach Loris some things, she will need in her life, I completely forget that Patrik will need this lessons too. I know that he is a smart child, that he learns quickly... but... as a child with autism, we usually 'indulge' him, although he never even gave any sign that he is not prepared to help us. What a mistake from me and Janez. 

And here is the thing that RDI helps us. The assignments we get are simple and quickly understandable why we are doing this.

Last week we got the assignments to teach Patrik some new lifestyle acitivies as he already mastered some of them off few months ago. And again I thought what to do. What to teach him. Elisa helped with the information to see, what we had already done. As soon as I saw that old list, I remembered what she meant... Yes, here and there even I got lost. Unfortunatly.
So, Patrik will be 6 years old in November, I picked out some more "sophisticated" activities, like: taking out the trash, recycling of the trash, helping me with the laundry, etc... You may think that I'm overdoing, but I don't think so. If Loris can do this, some of them already on her own, so will Patrik do this in the near future. 
He showed us that he is capable of.

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