Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Good Night... Sleepless Nights...

Good Night - The Beatles

I have always been a person who loved to sleep. But... there is a catch. I'm a night hawk, no morning bird... And this has been the mayor problem all my life.

Buona Notte

I can be awake till early morning hours, with no problem, but when I go to bed and finaly fell asleep, please, don't wake me up untill I wake up myself.

And here is another catch. This is not possible.

I'm full employed who has to wake up every week day (from Monday till Friday) at 05:00 a.m. And this is a huge problem for me. My alarm clock is made 15 minutes ahead of the actual time and it is made 30 minutes before it is the latest I have to get up. Fortunatly it has a snooze button so it rings 4 times (every 8 minutes) before I get up. This was the only solution I found it working.

The hardest thing is, that I'm not the only one like this in our family. My husband is the same, only difference is, he fell asleep at the minute he chooses so. So, usually our going to bed looks like he is already fast sleeping when I finally manage to lay down - and yet I still stear at the ceilling for a long time. If I go to bed before I feel tired, I look at the ceiling for hours. And this is killing me.

And there is the third member of our family - Loris. She is quite the same - as Janez. OK. Usually argues when she has to go to bed, yet fell asleep 5 minutes later when we turn the light off.  As she has to wake up at the same time as we do (some minutes later) she can be so heavy that it would be easier to bear than tolerated. We have an argue every morning. She can not get up. When she finally gets up, she is non-stop complaining. She will not wear this, nor that. She doesn't want to comb her hair as there are full of knots in them... etc...
Untill we all leave the house, she doesn't stop complaining... It's literally killing me, as I would rather be in my bed myself...

Yet, there is the fourth member of our family. Patrik is true sunshine in the morning. When I go to his bedroom to wake him up - most of the time, there is no complaining of any kind. I pick him up and carry him to the hallway - from there he goes alone to the toilet. When he is finished there, he join us in the bathroom where are his clothes and dresses himself. With just a little help of me or Janez. Sometimes even Loris.

The most beautiful thing that happened? What gets me out of the bed?

Morning Sun - Robbie Williams

Patrik's BIG smile on his face. He carries it on every morning. No matter what's the time. And mostly this is helping me get through every morning. You can not be in a bad mood, when you see his smile. Just can't. Simple as that...

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  1. Sem vedela, da je Patrik čisto po tetici, samo na žalost ne meni - Simoni - ona je pravi jutranji ptič. Midve sva zgleda dedovale mamo - jaz sem zjutraj tudi tečna.