Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy days...yet, something beautifull...

came along. Patrik has problems how to pick up the pencils, colour pencils etc... He loved to spin them arround between his fingers. When he drew, he held them with full hand and there was nothing (and I tried hard) I could do to changed this.

Yet this week I got photos from Patrik's companion teacher Sabina in preschool. On those pictures he paints with "watercolours". I was astonished when I saw how he holds the paintbrush. Correctly. With no other help from her. That is she and Patrik on the photos.
I was happy as now I'm quite convinced that he will managed and understand, that pencils and colour pencils can be used almost the same.

I will certanly tried this later - when we both will be at home ... I will let you know how will go. :o)