Saturday, October 01, 2011

Better a sparrow in our hands than a pigeon on the roof

(The story continues: "No, not my son. He is ok. You will see.")

After we brought the first our official report with suspicion on autism, it seemed like everything will change - yeah, right... Time passed away still nothing was done or made by our medical centre. Finally I managed to get a referral for the development doctor in our medical centre.

There we first got a referral for the only specialist, from who Patrik could get official diagnose. As we had an idea that time is slipping away, I called my sister again. Asked her if she knows someone who knows someone... etc... Luckily she knew someone, who knew someone... I got an appointment in a month and a half. Result? Because Patrik was only 2 and half years old, suspicion on autism. Great. O.K. we were told that he has autism, but, because of some procedural she couldn't give him full diagnose. Understand who can. 

Coming back with the half of diagnose, we were offered a neurophysical therapy and a special educator. We didn't quite understand why we got neurophysical therapy, but anyway better sparrow in our hands than a pigeon on the roof. 
At third visit with the neurophysical therapist, she told us, that she can not understand why would Patrik needed her experties. His motor skills were above average. His balance was perfect. He could climb almost on everything. So, why? We had no answer. She was so nice that she said, she will try to get him to the occupational therapy. And so she did. 

Patrik started to learn different skills. Which ones we were not quite familiar with, as he didn't want to work with the therapist when we were in the room. Only when we left the room, he started to be an apprentice to her. We were told at the end of the hour (45 minutes per week) what they were doing, but we didn't remember it all.

Patrik had appointment also with special educator. Quite soon, maybe in 6 months she offered us new specialist, who as were told, new better with autistic children than she did. We agreed to try.  

Luckly we did. When we all (me and Janez bringing Patrik) came to the Elza, we were prepared to speak everything we knew about Patrik's condition. A surprise waited for us...

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