Thursday, September 15, 2011

Words like waterfall

Well, we are still waiting for that. But here and there Patrik says a meaningful word or if we are patient enought, he answers to our questions. Like this evening.

Janez takes care for putting Patrik into bed - showering, changing into pajamas, cleaning teeth... etc... I look after Loris, to help her to become more independent. She said she wants to 'take care of herself' little bit more, so slowly we allow her to do some things - of course, still under our supervision.

As Loris was not finished yet, Janez went with Patrik to his room and put him into bed. I still waited for Loris and as promised her I had to read her bedtime story. This time she choose an Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs. Quite a bed time story - LOL. Reading her about TIRANOZAVER REX! 

When I finished all was quiet from Patrik's room so I didn't go to him, as we already kissed good night. I returned to Janez who was in the living room checking TV channels. Not five minutes later, the door opened. The light in the hall turned on. We both knew it was Patrik, so my first question was: 
"Did he slept in the nursery school?" Usually when he does sleep there, he can't fall a sleep for houres. 
"No, he didn't," Janez told me. "You didn't go to him to say good night. And you didn't kiss him like every night." That was right. Although he kisses me, when he leaves bathroom, usually I take him to his room. Today was not quite like this
I went to the hall and there he was. Standing at the begining of the stairs, with the blanket on his head, waiting for me. We looked at eachother and I asked:
"Do you want me to kiss you good night?" 
He answered with long and loud:

The word was loud and clear. As always I was pleasantly surprised, when he answeres. Janez heard him. I took him to his bed, waited so that he climed on his bed and kissed him good night.

When I returned to the living room my first question was: "Did you hear him?" I knew he did. 
"We just have to give him enough time to answer," Janez said. I agreed. I know that very well, but in this chaotic world, where everything is going by so fast, this is so hard to do. We will just have to manage this somehow...

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  1. Saj vsi vemo, da je Patrik čisti cukerček. Polubčkaj ga še zame.