Monday, September 26, 2011

We won a battle, but it seems like...

(The story continues: "No, not my son. He is ok. You will see.")

... we are loosing the war. 

The development doctor who took us for an exam (it was almost end of October, if I remembert it well) confirmed that Patrik might have Autism. After I brought back the report to Patrik's pediatritian, it was completely different story. Things began to move... But before we managed to get them moving, we didn't waste time. We looked for help on different places. Not just with OUR official medicine practice - that is publich health.

Internet was a big help. 

Quite soon after our first conversation, I made a first step and contacted our "Group for Autism DAN". Katja was very helpfull. She agreed to meet me and Patrik. We meet in her hometown Trbovlje. It was hot summer day and Patrik fell asleep in the car - as always. When we stopped to meet Katja, he woke up and... disaster. He started crying endlessly. Nothing I did, made him comfort. 

After a while (long while) I managed to caml him down and we all moved to the playground. There we talked and Patrik swinged. It was clearly - even then - that he loves to swing. Obviously that makes him happy. 

She explaned me lot of things I didn't knew - how could I... Gave me first informations what is going on in this area in our country (it was not encouraging)... She didn't say that I have to do something - but she gave me a choice. Choice I didn't have before.

So, after my father in law sent all the Patrik's medical reports for translation, we all (including my father in law) contacted Dr. David Patterson MB BS MRCGP ADNM MANPA. in Australia. I wrote him a letter 13 pages long - about Patrik's medical history and everything what I thought was important  for him to know.

We made first laboratory tests; one in Norway (urin test) and two or three different laboratory in US (hair and stool). The results we got back horrified me. David wrote that he never seen so bad report about quantity of gluten in a child's body. His results were so bad that at that point in fell in upper 5% of all results they've made. THAT BAD!!!

Well, on one hand this hasn't astonished me. At that time Patrik didn't eat much, but he loved (and is still fond of) bread. So, when we didn't know what to give him to eat, we gave him bread. We saw, what we did was wrong. 

But what did horrified me was his laboratory toxicologycal report. It looked like I gave him nothing else but potentially toxic elements - BE SURE WE DIDN'T. The report stated, his body was full of Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic (????), Lead, Silver, Tin... Those elements have had the highest levels - above the 'reference range' - what ever that means...

We wondered what to do and decided to try the GF diet and we also agreed to try some other supplements we were suggested. 
Patrik was on CF diet from almost his birth - as they found cows' milk allergy in our UMC in Ljubljana at his age of 1,5 months, when he was hospitalised for hyperbilirubinemia. We waited for next fourteen days - as we had our holidays in Tunisia already paid and after coming back, we had put him on full GF diet. 

In three months he was completely different child. This might sound like exaggeration, but... let me explane. 
We had started with GF diet in the middle of July 2008 - in October he started to show desire for cuddling. Before GF he was (looking in percentages) 95% in the world of his own - with us, but not WITH US - physically he was in the same room, yet his world was unreachable. 
We found only 2 different 'stuffs' to bring him back to 'us': * A song called 5 little ducks and * A song (the whole cartoon) from - I believe it's old Czech cartoon 'Krtek' (Mole) - old as me... :o)
After we put him on GF, he became more aware of us around him - following months increased time in percentages in 80% being with us and 20% being somewhere - still unreachable. 

That was first break through. We knew we are doing something right. But it felt it was not enough. Something was still missing... 

Before we found out what was that - we got that first 'official' report with suspicion that Patrik does have Autism... 

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