Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wasting time or...

It's been fourteen days since we are already home. The school started. The nursery school continues. But something changed for Patrik and us too.

When we left Elisa, we got new assignment for Patrik. It sounded interesting, although later I felt like we are wasting valuable time. After one year of working every day with Patrik now we have to wait for Patrik's initiation for work.
It was like 'cold war' between us. He waited for us, we had to wait for him. First few days he somehow didn't show any desire to do something. It was like he is satisfied with the situation. Later on... I could read his face or better, his mind. He was watching us, sitting in the same room, doing... nothing. Watching TV, helping Loris with her first piano lessons, arguing with her as she felted she can not do it...etc... But there were no 'lessons' or work with him. 

He watched us and... well I think it went through his mind: 
"What did I do wrong? Where did I make a mistake? Didn't I do it right in England? Was I too excited doing what they wanted from me? Why they don't play and work with me? What now? What do they want?" I could literary see this questions runned through his mind. 
But there were no signs from his side. No, initiation we waited for. I felt bad. 2 weeks of almost nothing. 

Well he worked in kindergarten. I asked his help (YES Sabina stayed his help for 5 hours in kindergarten and this was one of the best news we got, when we came home) to do as much as possible thing which will help him to increase 'streinght' in his hands. So that he will learn that he can use his hands for more things than usuall things. I recognised that he pushes away the things he can not do. So this is the mayor reason why he doesn't like to draw, or do some hand work. He doesn't know how to do them. But there were no excercises at home.

Then on Tuesday, when I drowe Loris to her piano lessons and he was alone with Janez, first sign of initiaton from Patrik rise up. Janez told me that he was lying down on a couch and watching TV. After several minutes they were together in the living room, Patrik came to him, lean to his face with his face so close - could measure in milimeters - and give him big smile. When Janez smiled back, Patrik climbed on him and started to show he wanted some play with Janez, not only climbing on him. This was the 'break through'.
On Friday afternoon, when Loris finished her homework with piano (with tears at fist (I think she is starting to show perfection) and ended with big smile) I went back on a couch and waited. Patrik looked at me from his armchair. Then he came to me to the couch and lied near me. He pushed his head against my leg, so I caressed him on his head. After that he turned around and pushed his leg against to mine. I quickly tickled him. He pulled his leg back and I stopped. He smiled and returned his leg in first position. So, the game continued. Unfortunatly the camera was not on. 

I was happy with the game but angry with myself because I have no videoclip to show it. And for Elisa. But now we know. We are on the right track. I hardly wait to send Elisa on the system the video, so we could move on. I know I'm not the only one... 

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