Monday, September 05, 2011

Wake me up, when september ends

is my greatest wish right now. I never liked September. As far as I remember back. The beginning of  school, end of summer, the first fog... etc, all the things I disliked when I was a teenager.
Why I don't like September now? Because of the same things; the beginning of school, end of summer, the first fog... and I'm not a teenager anymore. 

But now I also hate it because I have to collect days in week and dates of different appointments for Patrik - as speech therapist, psychologist, occupational therapy, special pedagogue and to combine it with eachother and with my work, with Janez's work and at the end, with Loris's afterschool activities. This takes me a lot of time, nerves and this is also why I wish, I would be able to bury in a hole and came out ... when september ends

Actually I don't wish only that...  How long is until January 1st, 2013? This 16 months will be true hell for me. Real test of my strenght and Janez's... and you can take my word on that. 

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