Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Patrik on the bicycle

On Saturday we had a wonderful warm end of Summer day... As in the morning we did our usual things, in the afternoon we decided to go to the park.

At the end I convinced Janez, so we took with us also Loris's ALU scooter and Patrik's new bicycle. Patrik had cycled before, but this time it was the first time on a 'big' bicycle, still with the freewheeles. No more tricycle, which had in behind a bracked for me or Janez to stear and to push.

When we came to the park we alowed Loris to drive her scooter around the park as long as she stayed in our sight.
We helped Patrik get on the bicycle as this one was bigger than the previous one. At first he didn't quite realise what we want from him, so he 'cycled' backwards instead of fowards. Bicycle stayed on the same spot as he sat on it. He watched me and wanted to dismount. We allowed him and offered him to try again. He sat on it. This time I slightly pushed the bicycle. His legs didn't move, so I stopped. Again he cycled backwards and I grab his legs and show him phisical how to cycle the right way.
He managed to get it with the help of us. But as soon as he realised I was pushing him, he stopped to cycle. And I stopped pushing. We were close enought to the swing in the park, so he dismounted and run to the swing.
Janez already wanted to put the cycle back on the car, but I stopped him. We were yet just comming to the park. I didn't want to give up that quickly. We let him to swing for a while and watched Loris at the same time how she drived the scooter. She is good at it and she also listened to us - stayed in the range of our eyes.
After a while we told Patrik that it is time to move on. With comming back to the cycle, we knew he agreed. He climbed on the bicycle again and waited for me. I pushed him and his legs started to turn the right way... for one or two turns. We all (including Loris) praised him very much.

It looked like he was OK with that and like it was enought for him, so he waited for me to push him. I did and tried to coordinate his legs. When he did the right moves, his hands were out of his sight, so the bicycle went different ways... We corrected this and legs were not moving right. One or two times one of his legs slipped from the pedal so he was hurt from the other one, going backwards fast way. He stopped, scratched his legs and tried again.
We managed to get to the other side of the park where another playground is. Sure, as soon as he saw the swings, slides and other stuff, he dismounted so quickly and run to it. We couldn't stopped him. He just love to swing.

Loris came to us and started to pick the wild chesnuts. When her arms were full of it, Janez told her to give it closer to the forrest as in the winter dears might come and eat it. She was happy to do it.

When she picked up almost every chesnut she found, she joined Patrik in the playground. Something funny happened. Patrik began to follow her lead for some time. He was swinging and as soon as he saw her went on the slide, followed her. She went on the swing, he went on the another one. He didn't do that for a long time, but it was clearly that he did on his own, without us telling him to do it.
After two hours or so, we went back throught the park to our car. Loris on her ALU scooter, Patrik on his bicycle. He tried hard. Here and there he managed to do the right moves. Actually it was a good try and with no presure. It looked we didn't discourage him.


I realised we have a long way to go. To teach him how to cycle by himself. And he will learn. Definitely... just give us time... :o)


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