Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magical moments

Yesterday was a fine afternoon. I will not talk about my road to and from work, nor will I write about the working day. This I decided to leave outside the door the minute I walk into the house. If I will be successful I don't know, but certanly I will try to.
Yesterday when I came home (a little bit later than usual) as the road was half closed for the road work and Janez told me that children already ate and left for mowing the lawn and I stayed inside. Loris watched TV, some child movie and I went to look something to eat. 

It was not long after I ate and went back to the family room, Patrik came to me. He had that special smile on his face. I watched him and waited. I wanted him to 'let me know' what he wanted.

He sat next to me and did nothing. As I didn't do anything too, I just tried to cope the movie that was on the TV, Patrik started to play with his 'bear castle'. I don't know the real name of the toy - so I will try to describe it. It is a plastic toy, with four bears, different colours. Each bear is 'sitting' in his own tower and each tower has it's own button how to open the bear. Bears jump out of the tower. And buttons are the same colours as bears has 'tower hats', but differents shapes and different kind of letting bears from the towers. 
Well, I just found them on internet... And I was struggling to describe what I am talking about... Silly me... :o)

So he loves this toy, as it is still interesting for him. He managed to learn and mastered three buttons (green, yellow and red) the blue one did him trouble. As many times before he 'asked' for my help to open the blue teddy. And I did help him. I showed him as many times before, how to do it, but something prevent his understanding... Today I ask myself if that was me...
We opened and closed the teddys few times and then he left me alone on the couch. I let him go away to the kitchen as I was pretty sure, he will be back soon. I was not wrong. As I didn't follow he came back to me, grasped for my hand and lead me out of the family room. We went downstairs to master bedroom where we have our PC. He sat on the chair and I wanted to start him turn around (he loves this) but he showed me that I should turn on the PC. So I did. I tried quite some times to introduce the keyboard to him, but he showed no particular interest. 

I waited. So did he. As nothing happened after the PC was on, he turned around, grabed my hand again and pulled me on the chair infront of him. I took him on my lap and went through some pages slowly. He watched the pages, but soon obviously get bored and so he left me. I stayed by the PC and not a minute later, he came to get me. Again.

Smile almost never left his face.

I followed him back to the family room, where Loris still watched the movie and there he pulled me on the floor. I sat with him and waited. Still didn't want to initiate. Wanted him to do the job. We sat for a while. I watched him with one eye and TV with another. Why? I had to answer on Loris's questions as she was not absolutely sure who is good guy and who is villain. 

In between, Patrik showed me that I have to lay down on the floor. Sitting was not enough for him. When I layed on the floor, he climbed on my legs as he did when he was only two or three. He has a little bit more weight now then when he was three and it was long time ago when I swung him like that. Unfortunatly I didn't managed to swing him long, so just some minutes later, he decided to change the game - and pulled me back on my legs. Standing. 

He gave me both his hands and showed that he wants to jump - together with me. I explaned him that we will start on three and after counting - one, two, three - we jumped almost synchronised. Although the movie was not over yet, Loris joined us, and Patrik at first gave her one hand and we all jumped together. After few jumps, I asked them both to grasp their hands and jump together. And they did. There was so much laugh in the room...

Well, we stopped the game for a little while, as Janez came in to the family room with the words on his mouth. Looking and smiling at me, as I was somewhat tired of jumping:

"I will wonder no more if the house collapsed..."


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