Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loris on a pony

On Saturday in my hometown was the end of 22nd Childrens festival called Pika's festival. It's main charachter is Pippi Longstocking from the childrens writer Astrid Lindgren. Every year the town is full of children doing many things and stuff, for free. It is really magical and well organized.  More about it you can read - those who knows my language - in this link: Pippi Longstocking's blog

Every year I took Loris - Patrik doesn't want to, at least this year he didn't want to - go and see. Children from different ages are dressed as Pika (Pippi) or like her friends. This year I took her there three times, as the festival is one week long.
On Saturday I again asked her if she wanted to try horse back ridding. Let me tell you that I enjoy horse back ridding, although for the last 7 years I might have been on a horse three or four times. Sadly. 
I tried many times to get Loris on a horse before. But I was not successful. My best friend Natascha lives on a ranch with many different animals - including horses. 
This is link to their place: Ranc Burger Venise 
Unfortunatly their site is in German and Slovene; no English. I wonder why?
Well anyway - there I had learned how to horse back ride almost 13 years ago. 

But Loris was afraid of horses for no reason at all, so I was not sure if she will even try. But I was surprised. She immediately said that she will try. Yet this didn't mean anything. So many times before she said she will try, but in the last minutes she changed her mind.
Anyway, I decided to give one more try. We went to the place where they had horses-ponys. I don't know; should I thank to Pippi (as she also came on a horse) or she was just ready... 

Anyway, I hope the time will come when we both will enjoy our time together in nature on a horses' backs...

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