Monday, September 12, 2011

It takes one step to begin a voyage

(The story continues: "No, not my son. He is ok. You will see.")

That awful weekend passed and on Monday I called our pediatritian for a consultation. I didn't want to say her anything about our fears. We were not quite sure for ourselves. We are no MDs, not even close to any area of medicine. We just knew something was not right.

I've arranged a personal consulation with Patrik's (and at the end, she was also Loris's) pediatritian for next day. It was the only day she worked in the afternoon and this was the only opportunity to go to her, without taking a day off.
When we came, as usual, she asked me what was wrong with Patrik. I tried to explane her our seeings of Patrik's development. As few months before Patrik was on yearly health check and then everything was OK, she tried to comfort me with words, that everything we observed and were afraid of - like loss of speach, starting to walk on his toes, flapping hands, lack of eyecontact, slipping away from us and at the end the clearance from ear specialist that there was nothing wrong with his hearing - are just... actually I don't know what she said. She tried to convince me - nothing was wrong. Like development should go that way. 

Well, I would believed her if Patrik would have been my only child or at least if he would have been our first child. But we followed Loris's development and we observed Patrik's and althought we know, no two children are the same - there was huge difference between their progress.

At first we didn't know quite what to do, so I went back and asked the pediatritian for refferal for developmental pediatritian. She was surprised that I asked her for this. Her words were that we are in no tittle for this as we can get one only when she sees some changes in develpment at Patrik's next health check. When I asked her when this will be, she said when Patrik will be 18 months. Well, Patrik was at the time almost 2 years old - around 22 months. 

I saw I had no chance but to call my eldest sister Marjeta and asked her for help. She is a nurse, works in capitol and knows many people in that area. She asked me for two days and promised, she will call me back. I don't like using connections, but that was at that point my only hope.

She did called me two days later, with informations where I will have to take Patrik, but with instruction that I have to bring with us the refferal for developmental pediatritian... 

And the battle with our systems began...

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