Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hair cut

was always a BIG - HUGE problem for Patrik. He was born with quite a long hair on his head. Comparing to Loris, who had almost none, he was full of hair. 

His first visit at hairdresser was a challenge and then we didn't know about his condition. Later on this problem became only bigger and bigger. As he grew, more people had to hold him still so that hairdresser could do her job. I have to say I admired them, because acctually he was never hurt, neither were they.

When we learned about the condition, we knew something had to be done. We just hoped this problem will eventually go away. But we were not that fortunate. At the end when we took him to the hairdresser, there were three hairdressers, Janez and I. Two hairdresseres, Janez and I were holding him still and one cut his hair. You can not even imagine how this was seen and also how Janez and I felt. Disaster.

We tried to cut his hair at home before. Patrik screamed and run away every time when he saw the hair cutting mashine and cried out loud. So that was not an option for a long time.

But then - this June - Janez decided to try it at home again. I was on my way from work to home, when I got a call, that Patrik allowed him to cut his hair. When I got home, there was a smile on Patrik's face - you can imagine how big smile was on Janez's face.

As his hair don't grow like a grass, we took time to do the excercise again. We waited till now. His hair was not long, but if we waited longer, we might confront the problem we had in the past again. So we tried two days ago. Not in the kitchen as Janez did the first time, but this time we tried in the bathroom and we were both with him... Well, we faced some resistance, but not much. And this is the result... :o)

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