Thursday, September 01, 2011

1st day at school

Finally came for Loris again. She hardly waited it. The whole August she talked about it, including through the journey. She really missed her friends at school. 

We had to be at school at 8 am. As she moved from first grade to second, the paretns had to be there too. We bought some clothes in England, so she wanted to be dressed in those clothes, but as I haven't managed to wash the clothes - she was not. But she was dressed in her favorite things - skirt and shirt. She hates jeans as much as I love them.

In the morning Janez took Patrik to the kindergarten - is his last year there, so I stayed at home and escorted her to school. They didn't need to have the full school bag with them, only slippers, note and a pencil. Luckly. For tommorow they have to have all the things with them and the bag is really heavy. Plus their things for the art we have to bring in extra box. 

The teacher - the same as last year - asked us the parents whos children will stay after the class in the school and at the same time she turned back to me and said: "I will." Only few of them did, so anyway I left her. 

I picked her up at 2:30 pm and she was full of joy. Funny. When I remember me - I was not quite happy when the summer ended and I had to return to the school. Anyway I hope this feelings of hers about school will last, at least for some more years.

When she was at school I went to her music school to pick up the houres of her lessons. As she still want to continue her ballet dancing, I had to make the arrangement so that her music lessons would not cover with the ballet dancing. I managed to do it and learned that she need the instrument she decided to learn from tommorow forward. No six months delay. So, Janez and me went in the afternoon to the store and decided what and how. We had luck. We managed to get an agreement to borrow the piano for six months and if we will decided later, to buy it. We decided for this option because this is her first year. We don't know if her wish and desire will last, so why buy something which could not probably be in use. Everything is possible. We will see. If she will be as much enthusiastic about lessons as she is now, we will buy it at the end. But for now, this is the best possible thing.

She will get it latest on Saturday. She doesn't know this yet - so, pst, don't tell her. We want to see her face when the piano will be delivered.

Patrik's 'first' day at kindergarten was - I could say the same as always. She got new 'old' teacher, as she is the one who was his teacher in his first year of kindergarten. She is impressed about his improvement. But as we were told; he pulled her leg about quite some things, she didn't yet know, that he can do by himself. 

When the other kindergarten teacher saw this, made a short meeting with the first one and told her that he is 'pulling her leg', so she gave her short information what and where he can do it by himself. And if she will not let him do it, he will practice this the whole year, what means - his progress will not be as good as it was and is. And this is really something we don't want.

So, first day is behind us. Lot of them are still ahead of us... And they were both so little not so long ago...

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