Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magical moments

Yesterday was a fine afternoon. I will not talk about my road to and from work, nor will I write about the working day. This I decided to leave outside the door the minute I walk into the house. If I will be successful I don't know, but certanly I will try to.
Yesterday when I came home (a little bit later than usual) as the road was half closed for the road work and Janez told me that children already ate and left for mowing the lawn and I stayed inside. Loris watched TV, some child movie and I went to look something to eat. 

It was not long after I ate and went back to the family room, Patrik came to me. He had that special smile on his face. I watched him and waited. I wanted him to 'let me know' what he wanted.

He sat next to me and did nothing. As I didn't do anything too, I just tried to cope the movie that was on the TV, Patrik started to play with his 'bear castle'. I don't know the real name of the toy - so I will try to describe it. It is a plastic toy, with four bears, different colours. Each bear is 'sitting' in his own tower and each tower has it's own button how to open the bear. Bears jump out of the tower. And buttons are the same colours as bears has 'tower hats', but differents shapes and different kind of letting bears from the towers. 
Well, I just found them on internet... And I was struggling to describe what I am talking about... Silly me... :o)

So he loves this toy, as it is still interesting for him. He managed to learn and mastered three buttons (green, yellow and red) the blue one did him trouble. As many times before he 'asked' for my help to open the blue teddy. And I did help him. I showed him as many times before, how to do it, but something prevent his understanding... Today I ask myself if that was me...
We opened and closed the teddys few times and then he left me alone on the couch. I let him go away to the kitchen as I was pretty sure, he will be back soon. I was not wrong. As I didn't follow he came back to me, grasped for my hand and lead me out of the family room. We went downstairs to master bedroom where we have our PC. He sat on the chair and I wanted to start him turn around (he loves this) but he showed me that I should turn on the PC. So I did. I tried quite some times to introduce the keyboard to him, but he showed no particular interest. 

I waited. So did he. As nothing happened after the PC was on, he turned around, grabed my hand again and pulled me on the chair infront of him. I took him on my lap and went through some pages slowly. He watched the pages, but soon obviously get bored and so he left me. I stayed by the PC and not a minute later, he came to get me. Again.

Smile almost never left his face.

I followed him back to the family room, where Loris still watched the movie and there he pulled me on the floor. I sat with him and waited. Still didn't want to initiate. Wanted him to do the job. We sat for a while. I watched him with one eye and TV with another. Why? I had to answer on Loris's questions as she was not absolutely sure who is good guy and who is villain. 

In between, Patrik showed me that I have to lay down on the floor. Sitting was not enough for him. When I layed on the floor, he climbed on my legs as he did when he was only two or three. He has a little bit more weight now then when he was three and it was long time ago when I swung him like that. Unfortunatly I didn't managed to swing him long, so just some minutes later, he decided to change the game - and pulled me back on my legs. Standing. 

He gave me both his hands and showed that he wants to jump - together with me. I explaned him that we will start on three and after counting - one, two, three - we jumped almost synchronised. Although the movie was not over yet, Loris joined us, and Patrik at first gave her one hand and we all jumped together. After few jumps, I asked them both to grasp their hands and jump together. And they did. There was so much laugh in the room...

Well, we stopped the game for a little while, as Janez came in to the family room with the words on his mouth. Looking and smiling at me, as I was somewhat tired of jumping:

"I will wonder no more if the house collapsed..."


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loris on a pony

On Saturday in my hometown was the end of 22nd Childrens festival called Pika's festival. It's main charachter is Pippi Longstocking from the childrens writer Astrid Lindgren. Every year the town is full of children doing many things and stuff, for free. It is really magical and well organized.  More about it you can read - those who knows my language - in this link: Pippi Longstocking's blog

Every year I took Loris - Patrik doesn't want to, at least this year he didn't want to - go and see. Children from different ages are dressed as Pika (Pippi) or like her friends. This year I took her there three times, as the festival is one week long.
On Saturday I again asked her if she wanted to try horse back ridding. Let me tell you that I enjoy horse back ridding, although for the last 7 years I might have been on a horse three or four times. Sadly. 
I tried many times to get Loris on a horse before. But I was not successful. My best friend Natascha lives on a ranch with many different animals - including horses. 
This is link to their place: Ranc Burger Venise 
Unfortunatly their site is in German and Slovene; no English. I wonder why?
Well anyway - there I had learned how to horse back ride almost 13 years ago. 

But Loris was afraid of horses for no reason at all, so I was not sure if she will even try. But I was surprised. She immediately said that she will try. Yet this didn't mean anything. So many times before she said she will try, but in the last minutes she changed her mind.
Anyway, I decided to give one more try. We went to the place where they had horses-ponys. I don't know; should I thank to Pippi (as she also came on a horse) or she was just ready... 

Anyway, I hope the time will come when we both will enjoy our time together in nature on a horses' backs...

Monday, September 26, 2011

We won a battle, but it seems like...

(The story continues: "No, not my son. He is ok. You will see.")

... we are loosing the war. 

The development doctor who took us for an exam (it was almost end of October, if I remembert it well) confirmed that Patrik might have Autism. After I brought back the report to Patrik's pediatritian, it was completely different story. Things began to move... But before we managed to get them moving, we didn't waste time. We looked for help on different places. Not just with OUR official medicine practice - that is publich health.

Internet was a big help. 

Quite soon after our first conversation, I made a first step and contacted our "Group for Autism DAN". Katja was very helpfull. She agreed to meet me and Patrik. We meet in her hometown Trbovlje. It was hot summer day and Patrik fell asleep in the car - as always. When we stopped to meet Katja, he woke up and... disaster. He started crying endlessly. Nothing I did, made him comfort. 

After a while (long while) I managed to caml him down and we all moved to the playground. There we talked and Patrik swinged. It was clearly - even then - that he loves to swing. Obviously that makes him happy. 

She explaned me lot of things I didn't knew - how could I... Gave me first informations what is going on in this area in our country (it was not encouraging)... She didn't say that I have to do something - but she gave me a choice. Choice I didn't have before.

So, after my father in law sent all the Patrik's medical reports for translation, we all (including my father in law) contacted Dr. David Patterson MB BS MRCGP ADNM MANPA. in Australia. I wrote him a letter 13 pages long - about Patrik's medical history and everything what I thought was important  for him to know.

We made first laboratory tests; one in Norway (urin test) and two or three different laboratory in US (hair and stool). The results we got back horrified me. David wrote that he never seen so bad report about quantity of gluten in a child's body. His results were so bad that at that point in fell in upper 5% of all results they've made. THAT BAD!!!

Well, on one hand this hasn't astonished me. At that time Patrik didn't eat much, but he loved (and is still fond of) bread. So, when we didn't know what to give him to eat, we gave him bread. We saw, what we did was wrong. 

But what did horrified me was his laboratory toxicologycal report. It looked like I gave him nothing else but potentially toxic elements - BE SURE WE DIDN'T. The report stated, his body was full of Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic (????), Lead, Silver, Tin... Those elements have had the highest levels - above the 'reference range' - what ever that means...

We wondered what to do and decided to try the GF diet and we also agreed to try some other supplements we were suggested. 
Patrik was on CF diet from almost his birth - as they found cows' milk allergy in our UMC in Ljubljana at his age of 1,5 months, when he was hospitalised for hyperbilirubinemia. We waited for next fourteen days - as we had our holidays in Tunisia already paid and after coming back, we had put him on full GF diet. 

In three months he was completely different child. This might sound like exaggeration, but... let me explane. 
We had started with GF diet in the middle of July 2008 - in October he started to show desire for cuddling. Before GF he was (looking in percentages) 95% in the world of his own - with us, but not WITH US - physically he was in the same room, yet his world was unreachable. 
We found only 2 different 'stuffs' to bring him back to 'us': * A song called 5 little ducks and * A song (the whole cartoon) from - I believe it's old Czech cartoon 'Krtek' (Mole) - old as me... :o)
After we put him on GF, he became more aware of us around him - following months increased time in percentages in 80% being with us and 20% being somewhere - still unreachable. 

That was first break through. We knew we are doing something right. But it felt it was not enough. Something was still missing... 

Before we found out what was that - we got that first 'official' report with suspicion that Patrik does have Autism... 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Patrik on the bicycle

On Saturday we had a wonderful warm end of Summer day... As in the morning we did our usual things, in the afternoon we decided to go to the park.

At the end I convinced Janez, so we took with us also Loris's ALU scooter and Patrik's new bicycle. Patrik had cycled before, but this time it was the first time on a 'big' bicycle, still with the freewheeles. No more tricycle, which had in behind a bracked for me or Janez to stear and to push.

When we came to the park we alowed Loris to drive her scooter around the park as long as she stayed in our sight.
We helped Patrik get on the bicycle as this one was bigger than the previous one. At first he didn't quite realise what we want from him, so he 'cycled' backwards instead of fowards. Bicycle stayed on the same spot as he sat on it. He watched me and wanted to dismount. We allowed him and offered him to try again. He sat on it. This time I slightly pushed the bicycle. His legs didn't move, so I stopped. Again he cycled backwards and I grab his legs and show him phisical how to cycle the right way.
He managed to get it with the help of us. But as soon as he realised I was pushing him, he stopped to cycle. And I stopped pushing. We were close enought to the swing in the park, so he dismounted and run to the swing.
Janez already wanted to put the cycle back on the car, but I stopped him. We were yet just comming to the park. I didn't want to give up that quickly. We let him to swing for a while and watched Loris at the same time how she drived the scooter. She is good at it and she also listened to us - stayed in the range of our eyes.
After a while we told Patrik that it is time to move on. With comming back to the cycle, we knew he agreed. He climbed on the bicycle again and waited for me. I pushed him and his legs started to turn the right way... for one or two turns. We all (including Loris) praised him very much.

It looked like he was OK with that and like it was enought for him, so he waited for me to push him. I did and tried to coordinate his legs. When he did the right moves, his hands were out of his sight, so the bicycle went different ways... We corrected this and legs were not moving right. One or two times one of his legs slipped from the pedal so he was hurt from the other one, going backwards fast way. He stopped, scratched his legs and tried again.
We managed to get to the other side of the park where another playground is. Sure, as soon as he saw the swings, slides and other stuff, he dismounted so quickly and run to it. We couldn't stopped him. He just love to swing.

Loris came to us and started to pick the wild chesnuts. When her arms were full of it, Janez told her to give it closer to the forrest as in the winter dears might come and eat it. She was happy to do it.

When she picked up almost every chesnut she found, she joined Patrik in the playground. Something funny happened. Patrik began to follow her lead for some time. He was swinging and as soon as he saw her went on the slide, followed her. She went on the swing, he went on the another one. He didn't do that for a long time, but it was clearly that he did on his own, without us telling him to do it.
After two hours or so, we went back throught the park to our car. Loris on her ALU scooter, Patrik on his bicycle. He tried hard. Here and there he managed to do the right moves. Actually it was a good try and with no presure. It looked we didn't discourage him.


I realised we have a long way to go. To teach him how to cycle by himself. And he will learn. Definitely... just give us time... :o)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hair cut

was always a BIG - HUGE problem for Patrik. He was born with quite a long hair on his head. Comparing to Loris, who had almost none, he was full of hair. 

His first visit at hairdresser was a challenge and then we didn't know about his condition. Later on this problem became only bigger and bigger. As he grew, more people had to hold him still so that hairdresser could do her job. I have to say I admired them, because acctually he was never hurt, neither were they.

When we learned about the condition, we knew something had to be done. We just hoped this problem will eventually go away. But we were not that fortunate. At the end when we took him to the hairdresser, there were three hairdressers, Janez and I. Two hairdresseres, Janez and I were holding him still and one cut his hair. You can not even imagine how this was seen and also how Janez and I felt. Disaster.

We tried to cut his hair at home before. Patrik screamed and run away every time when he saw the hair cutting mashine and cried out loud. So that was not an option for a long time.

But then - this June - Janez decided to try it at home again. I was on my way from work to home, when I got a call, that Patrik allowed him to cut his hair. When I got home, there was a smile on Patrik's face - you can imagine how big smile was on Janez's face.

As his hair don't grow like a grass, we took time to do the excercise again. We waited till now. His hair was not long, but if we waited longer, we might confront the problem we had in the past again. So we tried two days ago. Not in the kitchen as Janez did the first time, but this time we tried in the bathroom and we were both with him... Well, we faced some resistance, but not much. And this is the result... :o)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Words like waterfall

Well, we are still waiting for that. But here and there Patrik says a meaningful word or if we are patient enought, he answers to our questions. Like this evening.

Janez takes care for putting Patrik into bed - showering, changing into pajamas, cleaning teeth... etc... I look after Loris, to help her to become more independent. She said she wants to 'take care of herself' little bit more, so slowly we allow her to do some things - of course, still under our supervision.

As Loris was not finished yet, Janez went with Patrik to his room and put him into bed. I still waited for Loris and as promised her I had to read her bedtime story. This time she choose an Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs. Quite a bed time story - LOL. Reading her about TIRANOZAVER REX! 

When I finished all was quiet from Patrik's room so I didn't go to him, as we already kissed good night. I returned to Janez who was in the living room checking TV channels. Not five minutes later, the door opened. The light in the hall turned on. We both knew it was Patrik, so my first question was: 
"Did he slept in the nursery school?" Usually when he does sleep there, he can't fall a sleep for houres. 
"No, he didn't," Janez told me. "You didn't go to him to say good night. And you didn't kiss him like every night." That was right. Although he kisses me, when he leaves bathroom, usually I take him to his room. Today was not quite like this
I went to the hall and there he was. Standing at the begining of the stairs, with the blanket on his head, waiting for me. We looked at eachother and I asked:
"Do you want me to kiss you good night?" 
He answered with long and loud:

The word was loud and clear. As always I was pleasantly surprised, when he answeres. Janez heard him. I took him to his bed, waited so that he climed on his bed and kissed him good night.

When I returned to the living room my first question was: "Did you hear him?" I knew he did. 
"We just have to give him enough time to answer," Janez said. I agreed. I know that very well, but in this chaotic world, where everything is going by so fast, this is so hard to do. We will just have to manage this somehow...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Battle begins: You win or... you stay without diagnosis

(The story continues: "No, not my son. He is ok. You will see.")

I never thought I would had to raise my voice, but I had to. I tried to stay calm for almost 20 minutes - almost my whole lunch time - but at the end I had to treaten. As I had finished conversation with my sister, I called the pediatritian. I got her on the phone but instead of helping me, she was... not quite nice.

I asked her nicely for the referral, she declined. I told her that I made some calls around and I got an appointment, but I have to have referral. Again she declined. I asked her when can we expect a referral for the developmental pediatritian in our medical center. The answer I got was, 6 - 8 months. We had hard discousion. 

I walked outside our company's main boulding - on the parking lot - and speaking on my mobile. Here and there I cought glimpses of my colleagues on their windows, but they were only glimpses. 

Pleaded our pediatritian again. She refused. I asked her for the reason. It was, she can not give me the referral for the service which our medical center provides. This says in their policy. I couldn't believe.  

"As far as I know, no policy is above the law. And law gives me permision to take my child anywhere I want and who do I want." Where I found those words... what made me to say this... I don't know. What was her answer I don't remember, I just know that I told her, if I will not get the referral, we will talk somewhere else.

I hang up my mobile.

For 15 seconds. 

Called Janez. Explaned everything.

"Now I will have to be the big bad wolf?" he asked me. 

"You are his father. Do something. And don't come back home without it." 

As my lunch time ended, I had to go back behind my desk. With no lunch. That was the price.

I haven't picked up my pencile yet, when my mobile rang again. It was not two minutes later. It was Janez with infomation that he got a call from the medical center. 

The referral was waiting for him...

Monday, September 12, 2011

It takes one step to begin a voyage

(The story continues: "No, not my son. He is ok. You will see.")

That awful weekend passed and on Monday I called our pediatritian for a consultation. I didn't want to say her anything about our fears. We were not quite sure for ourselves. We are no MDs, not even close to any area of medicine. We just knew something was not right.

I've arranged a personal consulation with Patrik's (and at the end, she was also Loris's) pediatritian for next day. It was the only day she worked in the afternoon and this was the only opportunity to go to her, without taking a day off.
When we came, as usual, she asked me what was wrong with Patrik. I tried to explane her our seeings of Patrik's development. As few months before Patrik was on yearly health check and then everything was OK, she tried to comfort me with words, that everything we observed and were afraid of - like loss of speach, starting to walk on his toes, flapping hands, lack of eyecontact, slipping away from us and at the end the clearance from ear specialist that there was nothing wrong with his hearing - are just... actually I don't know what she said. She tried to convince me - nothing was wrong. Like development should go that way. 

Well, I would believed her if Patrik would have been my only child or at least if he would have been our first child. But we followed Loris's development and we observed Patrik's and althought we know, no two children are the same - there was huge difference between their progress.

At first we didn't know quite what to do, so I went back and asked the pediatritian for refferal for developmental pediatritian. She was surprised that I asked her for this. Her words were that we are in no tittle for this as we can get one only when she sees some changes in develpment at Patrik's next health check. When I asked her when this will be, she said when Patrik will be 18 months. Well, Patrik was at the time almost 2 years old - around 22 months. 

I saw I had no chance but to call my eldest sister Marjeta and asked her for help. She is a nurse, works in capitol and knows many people in that area. She asked me for two days and promised, she will call me back. I don't like using connections, but that was at that point my only hope.

She did called me two days later, with informations where I will have to take Patrik, but with instruction that I have to bring with us the refferal for developmental pediatritian... 

And the battle with our systems began...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wasting time or...

It's been fourteen days since we are already home. The school started. The nursery school continues. But something changed for Patrik and us too.

When we left Elisa, we got new assignment for Patrik. It sounded interesting, although later I felt like we are wasting valuable time. After one year of working every day with Patrik now we have to wait for Patrik's initiation for work.
It was like 'cold war' between us. He waited for us, we had to wait for him. First few days he somehow didn't show any desire to do something. It was like he is satisfied with the situation. Later on... I could read his face or better, his mind. He was watching us, sitting in the same room, doing... nothing. Watching TV, helping Loris with her first piano lessons, arguing with her as she felted she can not do it...etc... But there were no 'lessons' or work with him. 

He watched us and... well I think it went through his mind: 
"What did I do wrong? Where did I make a mistake? Didn't I do it right in England? Was I too excited doing what they wanted from me? Why they don't play and work with me? What now? What do they want?" I could literary see this questions runned through his mind. 
But there were no signs from his side. No, initiation we waited for. I felt bad. 2 weeks of almost nothing. 

Well he worked in kindergarten. I asked his help (YES Sabina stayed his help for 5 hours in kindergarten and this was one of the best news we got, when we came home) to do as much as possible thing which will help him to increase 'streinght' in his hands. So that he will learn that he can use his hands for more things than usuall things. I recognised that he pushes away the things he can not do. So this is the mayor reason why he doesn't like to draw, or do some hand work. He doesn't know how to do them. But there were no excercises at home.

Then on Tuesday, when I drowe Loris to her piano lessons and he was alone with Janez, first sign of initiaton from Patrik rise up. Janez told me that he was lying down on a couch and watching TV. After several minutes they were together in the living room, Patrik came to him, lean to his face with his face so close - could measure in milimeters - and give him big smile. When Janez smiled back, Patrik climbed on him and started to show he wanted some play with Janez, not only climbing on him. This was the 'break through'.
On Friday afternoon, when Loris finished her homework with piano (with tears at fist (I think she is starting to show perfection) and ended with big smile) I went back on a couch and waited. Patrik looked at me from his armchair. Then he came to me to the couch and lied near me. He pushed his head against my leg, so I caressed him on his head. After that he turned around and pushed his leg against to mine. I quickly tickled him. He pulled his leg back and I stopped. He smiled and returned his leg in first position. So, the game continued. Unfortunatly the camera was not on. 

I was happy with the game but angry with myself because I have no videoclip to show it. And for Elisa. But now we know. We are on the right track. I hardly wait to send Elisa on the system the video, so we could move on. I know I'm not the only one... 

Monday, September 05, 2011

Wake me up, when september ends

is my greatest wish right now. I never liked September. As far as I remember back. The beginning of  school, end of summer, the first fog... etc, all the things I disliked when I was a teenager.
Why I don't like September now? Because of the same things; the beginning of school, end of summer, the first fog... and I'm not a teenager anymore. 

But now I also hate it because I have to collect days in week and dates of different appointments for Patrik - as speech therapist, psychologist, occupational therapy, special pedagogue and to combine it with eachother and with my work, with Janez's work and at the end, with Loris's afterschool activities. This takes me a lot of time, nerves and this is also why I wish, I would be able to bury in a hole and came out ... when september ends

Actually I don't wish only that...  How long is until January 1st, 2013? This 16 months will be true hell for me. Real test of my strenght and Janez's... and you can take my word on that. 

Saturday, September 03, 2011

"No, not my son. He is ok. You will see."

Those were my first words, when I was suggested that Patrik could have Autism.

Before we found out why Patrik's development didn't go the same way as Loris's, we thought he was deaf. We did quite some visit at the hearing health professional, at the end we got final information that he hears OK, but he was not acting as typical child for that age. He was year and half. He didn't move with the whole body. When he heard the sound, only his eyes moved. Not head, not body. So we had to move on to find what was with him.
First proposal came from my sisters. I was visiting my parents and they were there. We talked and I made a "joke" about how clever Patrik was, ignoring me, when I called him, at that age. 

I'm not sure Simona or Andreja told me about autism. I confess, I didn't know anything about it, but I acted as a mother bear or a lioness. 

"No, not my son. He is OK. You will see." That was my defence.

But then I went home with the children. In the evening - it was nice summer day - four years ago, month or two more, I sat behind the computer and searched the internet. When I found the first page with description of the condition and read it, my eyes filled with tears. There were only two points I couldn't marked with checkmark. Only two. He was (and still isn't) agressive and auto agressive. Others I could marked with BIG RED checkmarks. His speach was lost, he acted as he didn't hear, he started to walk on his toes, his hands were flapping, he was distant, as if he was in some world on his own...etc.. All of them. I was devastated.

I was not smoking at the time, but anyway I searched for the box of cigarettes from my boyfriend. I was 'lucky'. I found one and went out of the house, sat on the staires and burned one. Tears fell down my face, when I left our living room. I couldn't afford this doing in the house - crying - as my mother in law still lived with us and she was there. 
It took me time to calm down and faced the truth. I had another challenge infront of me. Telling my boyfriend. How he will accept this? Will he? Will he believe, what he will read? Will we go seperate ways? What the future will bring us all? 

I felted as I was thrown at the bottom of Dante's hell. No sign for the ninth circle. Just dark bottom with no light anywhere. Only demons, whispering in my ears the worst possible thing you've could imagine.

At the end - after two houres or something, I was ready for almost everything. I had luck that my mother in law in the meantime went sleeping. As Janez was not at home that evening - was his night with his friends - I had time to think how to tell him.

When he came home, I pretended I was sleeping. But I was not. The whole night. Acctually I don't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday next morning - but it was weekend - so when his mother left to town, I put him down behind the computer and opened the page. The same one I read the evening before.

I'm a very fast reader. He is not so fast. So when he was reading what he saw, I have almost bited all my nails off. Maybe if I trained yoga, I would bited my toenails also
When he was finished, he went silent. After few moments I asked him what he had seen in those words. He looked at me and asked me the same, but I wanted his answer. He was short: 
"That's two of us," was my reply. "So, what will we do?" 
He was silent. Where I found courage for my next words, don't ask me. I don't know.
"I give you free choice. We can go seperate ways, just say so now. Not in two, five...etc... years. I don't want to hear you complaining how this is not what you expected.  I don't need three children. Two need me enough and if this is really true, Patrik will need me even more." 
Janez's look was long and strange. 
"Are you crazy?" he asked me. I didn't say anything. "He is as much my child as is yours. We are in this together."
"This means our life will not be the same. We will have a lot of work to help him."
"Doesn't matter. We are a team. We will stay a team."

We talked a lot after that. What to do. Where to go. Who's help to find. The true voyage began...

So, yesterday we had new appointment with the hearing helth professional. We know that he isn't deaf. He now turns to us when we call his name. He does what he is told - in most cases and if he is willing to. We want to know, why he so often put his hands on his ears. Are there frequencies he can not hear or some of them disturb him? What is with his sensitivity? 

If I compare this visit with his visits at any doctor or health professional (except visit with professor Elza) about year ago; it went very well. Although there was one doctor (in white) and three nurses (in light blue) - the colours he was sensitive on when they saw them 'together in a room' - he made no screaming, no tantrums, nothing. He even gave the doctor his hand when she was greeting him. OK, when she looked at his ears and wanted to clean one (he is very sensitive with his ears - I manage to clean the outer part of the ear, not the inner), he then refused to looked at her. But when the exam was finished, he gave her his hand in goodbye and even waved his own way to them all.

At the end, when we drew the line, we can say, the visit went very well. The analysis we will get by post. We agreed we will make this kind of checks every 6 month, so I hope next one will be even better and the one after that, the best.

I hope in a year at least we will know where are the weaknesses with his hearing. And that is only one thing among all of them.        

Thursday, September 01, 2011

1st day at school

Finally came for Loris again. She hardly waited it. The whole August she talked about it, including through the journey. She really missed her friends at school. 

We had to be at school at 8 am. As she moved from first grade to second, the paretns had to be there too. We bought some clothes in England, so she wanted to be dressed in those clothes, but as I haven't managed to wash the clothes - she was not. But she was dressed in her favorite things - skirt and shirt. She hates jeans as much as I love them.

In the morning Janez took Patrik to the kindergarten - is his last year there, so I stayed at home and escorted her to school. They didn't need to have the full school bag with them, only slippers, note and a pencil. Luckly. For tommorow they have to have all the things with them and the bag is really heavy. Plus their things for the art we have to bring in extra box. 

The teacher - the same as last year - asked us the parents whos children will stay after the class in the school and at the same time she turned back to me and said: "I will." Only few of them did, so anyway I left her. 

I picked her up at 2:30 pm and she was full of joy. Funny. When I remember me - I was not quite happy when the summer ended and I had to return to the school. Anyway I hope this feelings of hers about school will last, at least for some more years.

When she was at school I went to her music school to pick up the houres of her lessons. As she still want to continue her ballet dancing, I had to make the arrangement so that her music lessons would not cover with the ballet dancing. I managed to do it and learned that she need the instrument she decided to learn from tommorow forward. No six months delay. So, Janez and me went in the afternoon to the store and decided what and how. We had luck. We managed to get an agreement to borrow the piano for six months and if we will decided later, to buy it. We decided for this option because this is her first year. We don't know if her wish and desire will last, so why buy something which could not probably be in use. Everything is possible. We will see. If she will be as much enthusiastic about lessons as she is now, we will buy it at the end. But for now, this is the best possible thing.

She will get it latest on Saturday. She doesn't know this yet - so, pst, don't tell her. We want to see her face when the piano will be delivered.

Patrik's 'first' day at kindergarten was - I could say the same as always. She got new 'old' teacher, as she is the one who was his teacher in his first year of kindergarten. She is impressed about his improvement. But as we were told; he pulled her leg about quite some things, she didn't yet know, that he can do by himself. 

When the other kindergarten teacher saw this, made a short meeting with the first one and told her that he is 'pulling her leg', so she gave her short information what and where he can do it by himself. And if she will not let him do it, he will practice this the whole year, what means - his progress will not be as good as it was and is. And this is really something we don't want.

So, first day is behind us. Lot of them are still ahead of us... And they were both so little not so long ago...