Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Cliffs of Dover

We woke at 3 am. Most of the luggage was already in the car - the evening before Janez and I had an argument - as always - about the things I packed. Nothing new. We have this every year, or better, every trip we take. He doesn't understand me, why I'm taking so many things along, I have hard time to persuade him that what I packed are all necessary things. I confess... I always take a little bit more than we need, but I say, better safe than sorry.

The road was quite OK untill... Yes, there is alway untill... we came to Belgium. Belgium is our curse we could say... Ring in Brussels, always congestions and delays. No matter when we arrive tu Brussels. Of course, we were quite late for the ferry - at least our Garmin told us so and... the argument began again. Nothing new. Whos fault is it that we are again late. Janez claimed it was me, of course I defended myself and argument continued untill... we started to laugh. We realised that no matter what we do, we will be late for ferry, but we then decided to try to get another one.

Last 300 kilometers Janez drove - 'waaaaay' too much (200 KM/hour). Pssst... don't tell anyone. We are waiting for photo if we were caught.
In Calais we came to the ferry 5 minutes before departure - we were too late. When I asked where can I buy new ticket for new ferry, lady told me, that she can give me ticket for the next ferry - no additional costs. Sure we grab the opportunity so, we departed from Calais approx. hour later than we should.

As for Patrik Ian and Loris... Patrik survived as he always does. With no complaining, no fuss, nothing. Like we do this every day. As for Loris, she was full of questions all the way, which we had to answer immediately. We tried with much energy that left in us. She was silent only the minutes she slept.

Dover's white cliffs were magnificent in grey sky and green patches. Unfortunatly I haven't took any pictures as it was raining. Maybe in the way back I will be more fortunate.

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  1. Dear Petra,

    congraculation for your rewrite of trip in England, very good idea.