Friday, August 19, 2011

Seeing the Druids

In the morning we left Amesbury. I'm not sure, but we came at Woodhenge site quite fast. Only few miles out of Amesbury and the hotel we stayed in.

It was a misty morning and sun just rose out of it, when we set our foots on the grass. Peace. No people around. It looked like the place was forgoten. The feeling was - extraordinary.

After that we drove to the 'big brother' of Woodhenge - The Stonehenge. There we became a member of English Heritage. Payed 46 £ for a membership - but - now we have free visits to many places on our way. The Family ticket for Stonehenge alone was 19,50 £. The thing is, on all of those places we have free parking as well.

So, as members of English Heritage we were invited ahead - the opening hour started at 9 a.m. We were allowed to go in at 8:30. So we and few other people (I believe BH members too) were in and we could take some photos before they opened for all other visitors. 

Unfortunatly, as soon as the 'horde' of people came in - the mystic was gone. As at the beginning you could see - if you possess at least a little imagination - the Druids between the stones, they slowly fade away. Loris said, she saw the fairies.
After few full coaches came, we said farewell to the Ancient ruins.

Druids said that the rest of the day will be nice, warm and sunny. And so it was. 

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